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Editeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 978-1-1084-8408-4
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Great Christian Jurists in French History

Sous la direction de Olivier Descamps, Rafael Domingo


French legal culture, from the Middle Ages to the present day, has had an impressive influence on legal norms and institutions that have emerged in Europe and the Americas, as well as in Asian and African countries. This volume examines the lives of twenty-seven key legal thinkers in French history, with a focus on how their Christian faith and ideals were a factor in framing the evolution of French jurisprudence. Professors Olivier Descamps and Rafael Domingo bring together this diverse group of distinguished legal scholars and historians to provide a unique comparative study of law and religion that will be of value to scholars, lawyers, and students. The collaboration among French and non-French scholars, and the diversity of international and methodological perspectives, gives this volume its own unique character and value to add to this fascinating series.



Introduction, Olivier Descamps and Rafael Domingo

  1. Ivo de Chartres (Yves de Chartres), Christof Rolker
  2. Stephen of Tournai (Étienne de Tournai), Ken Pennington
  3. Guillaume Durand, Orazio Condorelli
  4. Jacques de Revigny, Paul J. du Plessis
  5. Pierre de Belleperche, Yves Mausen
  6. Charles Dumoulin, Wim Decock
  7. John Calvin (Jean Calvin), John Witte, Jr
  8. Jacques Cujas, Xavier Prévost
  9. François Hotman, Mathias Schmoeckel
  10. Hugues Doneau, Christian Hattenhauer
  11. Jean Bodin, Daniel Lee
  12. Jean Domat, David Gilles
  13. Henri François d'Aguesseau, Isabelle Brancourt
  14. Robert-Joseph Pothier, Olivier Descamps
  15. Jean-Etienne-Marie Portalis, Nicolas Laurent-Bonne
  16. Alexis de Tocqueville, Mary Ann Glendon
  17. Paul Viollet, Anne-Sophie Chambost
  18. Paul Fournier, Brigitte Basdevant-Gaudemet and Rafael Domingo
  19. Raymond Saleilles, Marco Sabbioneti
  20. Maurice Hauriou, Julien Barroche
  21. Léon Duguit, M. C. Mirow
  22. Georges Ripert, Frédéric Audren
  23. Jacques Maritain, William Sweet
  24. Robert Schuman, Rafael Domingo
  25. Gabriel Le Bras, Kathleen Cushing
  26. Jean Carbonnier, Laetitia Guerlain
  27. Michel Villey, Luisa Brunori


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