Parution : 05/2022
Editeurs : Bloomsbury
ISBN : 978-1-5099-2906-1
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International Investment Law

An Analysis of the Major Decisions

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Written by leading experts in the field, this collection offers a critical and comparative analysis of the existing case law on international investment law.

The book makes a topical contribution to the existing literature, showing most notably that:

(1) international investment law has a longer history than that generally considered and that this history is fundamental to understanding its development;

(2) international investment law is crafted today by a large number of actors. These include not only investment arbitrators, but also a variety of international and national courts and tribunals; and

(3) the literature and case law in languages other than English and from different legal cultures is essential to grasp the essence of the development of the topic.

This book brings together more than 40 experts from different countries and legal traditions and combines conceptual analysis and archival investigation of landmark case law to provide the reader with a fresh and innovative understanding of the breadth of international investment law.



1. Introduction
Hélène Ruiz Fabri and Edoardo Stoppioni, University of Strasbourg, France


2. Landmark Decisions for a Pre-History of International Investment Law
Edoardo Stoppioni, University of Strasbourg, France

3. Ad hoc Investment Arbitration Based on State Contracts: From Lena Goldfields to the Libyan Oil Arbitrations
Daniel Müller, FAR Avocats, Paris, France

4. The World Court's Influence on Contemporary Investment Law
Christian J Tams, University of Glasgow, UK and Eleni Methymaki, University of Oxford, UK

5. The Contribution of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal
Bruno Simma, University of Michigan, USA and Cristina Hoss, Court at the International Court of Justice

6. SPP v Egypt, AAPL vs Sri Lanka: Some Revolutionary Steps?
Evelyne Lagrange, University Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne, France

7. Sowing the Seeds of an ISDS Legitimacy Crisis? The Notorious First Wave of NAFTA Chapter 11 Awards
Robert Howse, New York University, USA and Günes Ünüvar, Max Planck Institute, Luxembourg

8. The Argentinian Crisis Arbitrations
August Reinisch, University of Vienna, Austria and Johannes Tropper, University of Vienna, Austria

9. The Yukos Saga: A Story of Hidden Matryoshka Dolls
Alexandre Senegacnik, Sciences Po, France

10. The Renewable Energy Arbitrations under the Energy Charter Treaty
Danae Azaria, University College London, UK



11. Bifurcation and Trifurcation Decisions
Ivan Cavdarevic, Max Planck Institute, Luxembourg

12. Amicus Curiae Intervention: From NAFTA to the Intra-EU Saga
Eric De Brabandere, Leiden University, Netherlands

13. Challenges Decisions in International Investment Arbitration
Chiara Giorgetti, University of Richmond, USA

14. Major Decisions on the Definition of Investment
Shotaro Hamamoto, Kyoto University, Japan

15. The Concept of Protected Investor
Alexandra van der Meulen, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, France

16. Landmark Investment Cases on State Consent
Christoph Schreuer, National University of Singapore

17. Counterclaims
Andrea K. Bjorklund, McGill University, Canada


18. The Applicable Law Saga
Franck Latty, Paris Nanterre University, France and Marina Sim, Paris Nanterre University, France

19. International Investment Tribunals and Treaty Interpretation
Elise Ruggeri Abonnat, French Ministry for Europe and foreign affairs

20. Standard of Review
Joshua Paine, University of Bristol, UK

21. Expropriation Cases
Diane A Desierto, University of Notre Dame, USA

22. Landmark Cases on Fair and Equitable Treatment: Empowering and Controlling Arbitrators as Law-Makers
Stephan W Schill, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

23. Umbrella Clauses and Contract Claims
Benjamin Samson, University Paris Nanterre, France

24. Denial of Benefits Clause
Paul Jean Le Cannu, ICSID, USA and Luisa F. Torres, ICSID, USA

25. Non-Discrimination Clauses: Most-Favoured-Nation and National Treatment
Giorgio Sacerdoti, Bocconi University, Italy and Niall Moran, Dublin City University, Ireland

26. Reparation Cases: Applicable Principles in International Investment Arbitration
Irmgard Marboe, University of Vienna, Austria


27. The Contribution of International Commercial Arbitration to Investment Arbitration
George A Bermann, Columbia University, USA

28. The European Court of Human Rights' Case Law on International Investment Issues
Ursula Kriebaum, University of Vienna, Austria

29. The CJEU Saga
Gillian Cahill, Barrister at law and Daniel Sarmiento, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

30. The Legacy of the SADC Tribunal in International Investment Law
Henok Asmelash, Birmingham University, Uk

31. Accountability Mechanisms and Investment Arbitration: Parallel Dynamics
Edouard Fromageau, University of Aberdeen, UK


32. International Investment Law in Indian Courts
Ridhi Kabra, Three Crowns LLP, UK

33. International Investment Law in US Courts
Javier García Olmedo, University of Luxembourg

34. Investment Cases in the Mexican Legal System: Willingness to Compensate, Federalism Issues, and Parallel Litigation
Guillermo J Garcia Sanchez, Texas A&M University

35. International Investment Law in African Courts
Makane Moïse Mbengue, University of Geneva, Switzerland and Stefanie Schacherer, National University of Singapore

36. International Investment Law in European Courts
Dominique Hascher, Supreme Judicial Court of France

Studies in International Trade and Investment Law , 704 pages.  £100.80