Parution : 07/2023
Editeur : Routledge
ISBN : 978-1-0322-5097-7
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Comparative Executive Power in Europe

Perspectives on Accountability from Law, History and Political Science

Sous la direction de Marcel Morabito, Guillaume Tusseau

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This book provides an up-to-date interdisciplinary assessment of the accountability of executive power in different European States and at the European Union level. From a legal perspective, it wonders to what extent the forms of responsibility and accountability of executive power have evolved in terms of legal technique or framework. From a historical perspective, it looks at the evolution of responsibility paradigms. From a political science perspective, it examines responsibility and the expectations of European democracies in terms of authority and efficiency. The volume also has a quantitative aspect identifying, gathering and analysing statistical material on responsibility and accountability in current political regimes.

The book will be a valuable resource for researchers, academics, and policy-makers in constitutional law and politics, public law, comparative law, comparative politics, legal history and government.



Marcel Morabito

1. Belgium
Marc Verdussen

2. France
Chloë Geynet-Dussauze and Priscilla Jensel-Monge

3. Germany
Yoan Vilain

4. Greece
Antonis Pantelis

5. Hungary
Peter Kruzslicz

6. Italy
Maurizia De Bellis

7. The Netherlands
Leonard F.M. Besselink

8. Poland
Krzysztof Wojtyczek

9. Portugal
Rui Lanceiro

10. Romania
Elena Simina Tănăsescu

11. Scandinavia
Eivind Smith

12. Spain
María Ruiz Dorado

13. Switzerland
Thierry Tanquerel

14. The United Kingdom
Paul Daly


The Forms of Responsibility of the Executive
Ariane Vidal-Naquet

A Culture of Constitutional Cultures
Guillaume Tusseau

Routledge Research in Constitutional Law , 298 pages.  £108.00