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Parution : 04/2017
Editeur : L'Harmattan
ISBN : 978-2-3431-1813-0
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Moroccan neo-constitutionalism

Meeting the challenge of the Arab Spring

André Cabanis, Abdelhak Azzouzi

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Any claim at examining the issue of "Moroccan neo-constitutionalism: meeting the challenge of the Arab Spring" is both a necessary and paradoxical task. It is necessary to the extent that we cannot ignore the time that has been chosen for the promulgation of the new July 2011 Constitution, with the aim of meeting the expectations of the different components of the population, particularly the youth. Institutional reforms are not enough to solve all problems, although they provide a strong signal of the ability of the leaders to take into account the bitterness and hopes which, in the rest of the Arab world, have taken a violent form that has generated alternate phases of rioting and repression with their ensuing succession of deaths, sometimes blind persecutions, and economic crisis. Morocco, at least, has managed to avoid such a situation. The examination is a paradoxical one since the constitutional text is set in a continuity that very few countries can match, including a regular development of recognized and protected human rights and civil liberties, in a transition time of a little less than 50 years. This has been coupled by an extension of the role of the head of the government and assemblies, with the appearance and acceptation of a real constitutional control and recognition of the values of decentralization and independent institutional flourishing.

Abdelhak Azzouzi is a Moroccan Professor of international relations and political Science, an academic and scholar. He has founded and chaired several development and research centers and institutions, including the Schools of Hope Association and the Moroccan Center for Interdisciplinary Strategic and International Studies (CMIESI). CMIESI has contributed to establishing a number of global forums, producing internationally-acclaimed publications and creating development programs with an international dimension. Pr Abdelhak Azzouzi holds a diploma in Political Science and International Relations from the Institute of Political Science in Toulouse and a Ph.D. in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Toulouse. He is an Advisory Member of several international organizations, and has received a number of international awards and decorations. Moreover, he Head the Mediterranean Award for Thought. Pr. Azzouzi has produced several acclaimed publications including: Why have the Arabs Failed while Others have Advanced? The Roots of Tyranny and the Seeds of the Renaissance (2015). He supervised the publication of the 2012 and 2013 editions of the Moroccan Yearbook of Strategy and International Relations published by L'Harmattan in Arabie, English and French, and nine volumes on cultural diversity and the alliance of civilizations in 2010. In addition, Pr. Azzouzi has also authored a book in French on authoritarianism and the mechanisms of democratic transition in the Arab Maghreb countries.
André Cabanis has been a professor of Law at the Toulouse University of Social Sciences since 1972, director of the Center for Research and Information on the Right to Education from 1973 to 1990, head of Mission to the Prefect of the Midi-Pyrénées Region, 1973 To 2005 (Director of the Institute of Political Studies in Toulouse from 1980 to 1995, Director of the Press of the University of Social Sciences of Toulouse since 1993, Vice-President of the University of the Social Sciences in charge of university presses and libraries since 2003. Mr. Cabanis has published about ten books and about two hundred articles.

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