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Income, Wealth and Taxes


Income, Wealth and Taxes

Biden, Macron and Draghi’s Policies



America, France and Italy are addressing the crisis in different ways and with several means, as their Administrations (Biden, Macron and Draghi) have different visions on the tax policies to be enacted as to overtake the Crisis and their national situations are incomparable.

All the three countries are OECD and G-7 / G-20 members (this year under the Italian Presidency) and share their visions on inclusive development, green revolution and need for a safe and secure international environment.

Yet they diverge as on the recipes to be followed to achieve these goals.

In the US, the Biden administration is planning to increase income taxes (with a specific focus on capital gains) and to adjust estate taxation as a possible substitute for a new “wealth tax”.

In France, President Macron is launching an array of proposals, including the Green reform, with the proposal of carbon border tax adjustment which would protect the environment and the national (European) business from the international competition.

In Italy, Draghi’s Government is entangled between a rampant public debt (which is spiraling almost out of control) and the well know national reluctancy to accept wealth taxes, unless they are charged on the others, of course.

In the seminar, we will compare the three Administrations agendas, in the attempt to find a common path out to the crisis.




18.30 : Speakers :
Christina Rice, Director, Graduate Tax Program, Boston University School of Law (United States)
Marco Greggi, Department of Law, University of Ferrara (Italy)
Georges Cavalier, Director of the Lyon Tax LL.M., Member of the Center for Business Law (CDE), University of Lyon (France)
Visiting Professor Research Centre of European,Private Law(ReCEPL), University "Suor Orsola Benincasa" Naples (Italy)

20.00 : End



Registration : https://forms.gle/fmJoEZqxtNkA6B7A6

Event jointly organized by the Universities of Lyon, Boston and Ferrara


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