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European Law Institute 2018 Annual Conference


European Law Institute 2018 Annual Conference

Du mercredi 5 septembre 2018 au vendredi 7 septembre 2018



Wednesday | 5 September


08:45 : Registration
(Council and General Assembly only) , Entrance Hall

11:00 : Council Meeting
Senate Hall, 2nd Floor


13:00 : Lunch

14:00 : Council Meeting
Senate Hall, 2nd Floor

15:30 : Coffee Break

16:00 : General Assembly
Aula Magna, 2nd Floor

18:00 : Break

19:00 : Opening Ceremony and Reception
(National Art Museum; Jaņa Rozentāla Laukums 1, Centra Rajons)

Christiane Wendehorst, ELI President
Dzintars Rasnačs, Latvian Minister of Justice
Edvīns Balševics, Director General of the Court of Administration
Anita Rodina, Dean of the Law Faculty at the University of Latvia

Book Launch
Nils Jansen, Co-Author (with Reinhard Zimmermann) of the Commentaries on European Contract Laws (2018)
Lord John Thomas, ELI Executive Committee Member, Former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales

22:00 : End


Thursday | 6 September


08:00 : Registration
(For All Others), Entrance Hall

09:00 : Welcome Addresses (Aula Magna, 2nd Floor)
Indriķis Muižnieks, Rector of the University of Latvia
Ineta Ziemele, President of the Constitutional Court of Latvia
Christiane Wendehorst, ELI President

09:30 : Principles for a Data Economy (Aula Magna, 2nd Floor)
Lord John Thomas (chair)
Neil Cohen
Steven O Weise
Christiane Wendehorst

Protection of Adults in International Situations (Aula Parva, 2nd Floor)
Bea Verschraegen (chair)
Pietro Franzina
Richard Frimston
Maja Groff
Patrizia de Luca

11:00 : Coffee Break

11:30 : Draft Model Rules on Online Intermediary Platforms (I) (Aula Magna, 2nd Floor)
Hans Schulte-Nölke (chair)
Christoph Busch
Christoph Schmon

Common Constitutional Traditions in Europe ( Aula Parva, 2nd Floor)
Mario Comba (chair)
Celestina Iannone
Jeffrey Jowell
Bostjan Zalar
Ineta Ziemele


13:00 : Lunch


14:00 : Keynote Speech
Harriet Lansing, Former President of the Uniform Law Commission, (Aula Magna, 2nd Floor)

14:45 : Draft Model Rules on Online Intermediary Platforms (II) (Aula Magna, 2nd Floor)
Gerhard Danneman (co-chair)
Teresa Rodriguez de las Heras Ballell (co-chair)
Hans Schulte-Nölke

Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets ( Aula Parva, 2nd Floor)
Denis Phillippe (chair)
Sjef van Erp
Lord John Thomas
Jos Uitdehaag

16:15 :Coffee Break

16:45 : From Transnational Principles to European Rules of Civil Procedure (Aula Magna, 2nd Floor)
Anna Veneziano (co-chair)
Diana Wallis (co-chair)
Emmanuel Jeuland
Xandra Kramer
John Sorabji

Principles of Liability in Digitalised Environments ( Aula Parva, 2nd Floor)
Anna Birgitte Gammeljord (chair)
Ernst Karner
Hans Schulte-Nölke
Dirk Staudenmayer
Christiane Wendehorst

18:15 : Break

19:30 : Gala Dinner with music by the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra
(Klīversala Restaurant, National Library ; Mūkusalas Iela 3)
Raivis Kronbergs, State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice of Latvia
Lance Liebman, Former Director of the American Law Institute

22:00 : End


Friday | 7 September


09:00 : Empowering European Families (Presentation of Final Results) (Aula Magna, 2nd Floor)
Jens M Scherpe (chair)
Elena Bargelli
Markus Buschbaum
Wendy Schrama
Christiane Wendehorst

A Latvian Perspective on Topics of Current and Prospective ELI Projects (I) (Aula Parva, 2nd Floor)
Agris Bitāns (Civil Liability in Digitalised Environments)
Artūrs Kučs (Digitalisation)
Vadims Mantrovs (Online Platforms)

10:30 : Coffee Break

11:00 : Research and Development Tax Incentives (Aula Magna, 2nd Floor)
Georges Cavalier (chair)
Kārlis Ketners
Alain Lamassoure
Tomi Viitala

A Latvian Perspective on Topics of Current and Prospective ELI Projects (II) (Aula Parva, 2nd Floor)
Inese Lībiņa-Egner (Family Law)
Lauris Liepa (Business and Human Rights) (tbc)
Daiga Rezevska (Common Constitutional Traditions)


12:30 : Lunch


13:30 : Business and Human Rights (Aula Magna, 2nd Floor)
Jonas Grimheden (co-chair)
Diana Wallis (co-chair)
Heidi Hautala
Gabriela Quijano

Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts ( Aula Parva, 2nd Floor)
Sjef van Erp (chair)
Juliette Senechal
Dirk Staudenmayer
Hubert de Vauplane
Christopher Wray

15:00 : Keynote Speech (Aula Magna, 2nd Floor)
Pauliine Koskelo, Finnish Judge to the European Court of Human Rights

15:30 : ELI Young Lawyers‘ Award (sponsored by Interleges) : Winner‘s Presentation (Aula Magna, 2nd Floor)

15:45 : Coffee Break

16:15 : e-CODEX and its Impact on Execution of European Legal Procedures ( Aula Magna, 2nd Floor)
Ernst Steigenga

17:45 : Closing Speech (Aula Magna, 2nd Floor)
Christiane Wendehorst, ELI President

18:00 : Break

19:30 : Social Event

22:00 : End



Always : Coffee Break : Auditorium 5, 2nd Floor - Lunch : Daily Canteen, Basement

University of Latvia
Faculty of Law
Raiņa Boulevard 19
Riga, Lv-1586 Lettonie