Parution : 11/2023
Editeur : Brill
ISBN : 978-9-0045-1484-3
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Blockchain and Private International Law

Sous la direction de Andrea Bonomi, Matthias Lehmann, Shaheeza Lalani

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Blockchain is the first global mechanism for the transfer and storage of value. Despite being conceived as an alternative to state and law, the technology and its use cases raise many legal questions, most notably, regarding jurisdiction and applicable law with respect to transactions and assets recorded on the blockchain. The issue is complex given the decentralised nature of the network. In this volume, academics and practitioners from various countries try to provide detailed answers to these questions as they relate to crypto-assets, cryptocurrencies, crypto derivatives, stablecoins, Central Bank Digital Currencies and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs), as well as specific transactions and issues, such as property rights, secured transactions, smart contracts and bankruptcy. With specific chapters on national approaches (Germany, Japan, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, United States), the volume explores the need and possibility for legal harmonisation of these issues through global fora, such as the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) UNIDROIT.



Introduction: The Blockchain as a Challenge to Traditional Private International Law
Authors: Andrea Bonomi, Matthias Lehmann, Shaheeza Lalani

Chapter 1 The Role and Prospects of Private International Law Harmonisation in the Area of DLT
Author: Gérardine Goh Escolar

Part 1 Fundamental Questions
Editors: Andrea Bonomi, Matthias Lehmann, Shaheeza Lalani

Chapter 2 Technical Description of DLT for Conflicts Lawyers
Author: Tetsuo Morishita

Chapter 3 Should Crypto-Asset Regulation Be Technology-Neutral?
Author: Bruno Mathis

Chapter 4 Is Bitcoin out of Reach for Private International Law?
Author: David Sindres

Chapter 5 Proprietary Rights in Digital Assets and the Conflict of Laws
Author: Christiane Wendehorst

Chapter 6 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The Private International Law, the Crypto Transactions and the Pseudonyms
Author: Anne-Grace Kleczewski

Part 2 Blockchain Assets and Conflict of Laws: General Issues
Editors: Andrea Bonomi, Matthias Lehmann, Shaheeza Lalani

Chapter 7 Taxonomy and Characterisation of Crypto Assets in Private International Law
Author: Felix Krysa

Chapter 8 Crypto Assets and Decentralised Ledgers: Does Situs Actually Matter?
Author: Amy Held

Chapter 9 The Law Applicable to Crypto Assets: What Policy Choices Are Ahead of Us?
Authors: Burcu Yüksel Ripley, Florian Heindler

Chapter 10 The Law Applicable to Digital Representations of Off-chain Assets
Author: Emeric Prévost

Chapter 11 Cryptocurrencies and Conflict of Laws
Author: Francesca C. Villata

Part 3 Specific Blockchain Assets & Legal Relations
Editors: Andrea Bonomi, Matthias Lehmann, Shaheeza Lalani

Chapter 12 The Law(s) Applicable to Central Bank Digital Currencies
Author: Caroline Kleiner

Chapter 13 The Law Applicable to Stablecoins
Authors: Matthias Lehmann, Hannes Meyle

Chapter 14 The Tort Law Applicable to the Protection of Crypto Assets
Author: Tobias Lutzi

Chapter 15 International Insolvency Law and Cryptocurrencies
Authors: Giovanni Maria Nori, Matteo Girolametti

Chapter 16 The Law Governing Secured Transactions in Digital Assets
Authors: Matthias Haentjens, Matthias Lehmann

Chapter 17 Do Smart Contracts Need New Conflict-of-Laws Rules?
Author: Mehdi El Harrak

Chapter 18 Blockchain-based Negotiable Instruments: with Particular Reference to Bills of Lading and Investment Securities
Author: Koji Takahashi

Chapter 19 Conflict of Laws and the Use of Distributed Ledger Technology in Derivatives Markets
Author: Gregory Chartier

Part 4 Blockchain & Dispute Resolution
Editors: Andrea Bonomi, Matthias Lehmann, Shaheeza Lalani

Chapter 20 Blockchain Dispute Resolution for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: The Rise of Decentralized Autonomous Justice
Authors: Florence Guillaume, Sven Riva

Chapter 21 Recognition and Enforcement of the Outcome of Blockchain-Based Dispute Resolution
Author: Pietro Ortolani

Part 5 National Reports
Editors: Andrea Bonomi, Matthias Lehmann, Shaheeza Lalani

Chapter 22 Conflict of Laws and Tokens in Swiss Private International Law
Authors: Pascal Favrod-Coune, Kévin Belet

Chapter 23 Blockchain and Private International Law – The Perspective of the United States of America
Author: Frank Emmert

Chapter 24 A German Approach: Lex Supervisionis Registri and Subordinate Connecting Factors
Author: Felix M. Wilke

Chapter 25 DLT and PIL from the Perspective of Liechtenstein
Authors: Francesco A. Schurr, Angelika Layr

Chapter 26 Blockchain and Japanese Private International Law
Author: Tetsuo Morishita

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