Parution : 09/2023
Editeur : Springer
ISBN : 978-3-0313-8259-8
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The A Priori Method in the Social Sciences

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Sous la direction de Jean-Sylvestre Bergé

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This edited volume takes a multidisciplinary look at the philosophical concept of a priori. Placing social sciences at the heart of the discussion, this book establishes a dialogue between various disciplines and the different postulates, presuppositions, prejudices, paradigms, beliefs, commonplaces, biases or emotions that forge their theoretical and practical constructs.

The book is divided into three parts. Chapters in Part I lay the foundations of a new antecedent approach that revisits the classical approach to a priori and its relationships with law and philosophy. Chapters in Part II extend the analysis to economics and management, on such key topics as blockchain technology, labor, health insurance and innovation. Finally, chapters in Part III turn to anthropology and sociology, to reconsider the core methods of these different disciplines and to nourish reflection on the basis of new working hypotheses.



Law, Philosophy

Toward a New Antecedent Legal Method, Jean-Sylvestre Bergé

The Cultural Dimension of Law, Frédéric Zenati-Castaing

Is Legal Knowledge a Knowledge of Object?, Michel Boudot

Antecedent and Ontology: In Search of the Smallest Possible A Priori, Frédéric Rouvière

The Private/Public Divide Among the Principles of World-Building: Insights from Godelier, Fortes, and Arendt, Lior Barshack

The A Priori: A Structure of an Ascendant Imaginary, Hania Kassoul

Are Numbers A Priori Like any Other?, Mathieu Corteel

Economics, Management

Antecedents in Labor Economics, Jean-Luc Gaffard

Blockchain: Antecedents and Future Challenges, Martin Cimiterra, Jackie Krafft

A Priori to Investigate Innovation in Management Science, Cécile Ayerbe

Anthropology, Sociology

Not Having an A Priori Has Become the Anthropological A Priori: Multiple Forms of Knowledge Are Produced in Ethnographic Experiments, Ana Lúcia Pastore Schritzmeyer

The Investigation as an Antecedent in Sociology and Other A Priori, Gérald Gaglio

191 pages.  168,79 €