Parution : 07/2023
Editeurs : Macmillan
ISBN : 978-3-0313-3660-7
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War, State and Sovereignty

Interdisciplinary Challenges and Perspectives for the Social Sciences

Sous la direction de Grégory Daho, Yann Richard

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This book addresses the links between war, state and sovereignty using an interdisciplinary approach. The authors and editors investigate the transformation of the state through the practices of security governance - an effective way to question the evolution of authority and legitimacy of state violence, and the organisation of human societies. This work contributes to the understanding of the transformation of state through the prism of security challenges and provides the means to identify the evolution of their regalian contours, the legal and technical forms of regulating violence, and the legitimisation of public power. This volume shows that the contribution of the social sciences is decisive for understanding the changes of the role and insertion of armed forces in their political, social and professional environment.



The Contingency of the War–State–Sovereignty Triad: Updating a Canonical Debate

Grégory Daho, Yann Richard

Part I Revisiting the Link Between War, State and Sovereignty

Is War Still an Expression of State Sovereignty? Multidisciplinary Round-Table

Stéphane Rodrigues, Alya Aglan, Grégory Daho, Yann Richard, Jean-Christophe Videlin
Vladimir Putin’s Territorial Trap: What the Invasion of Ukraine Reveals About the Contemporary War-Sovereignty Nexus

John Agnew
The Omnipresent Absent: The State at the Centre of the War-Sovereignty Dialectic

Thibaud Mulier

The Failed Gamble of the 1920s: Sovereignty Without War

Alya Aglan

Political-Military Relations. Civil Supremacy Under the Test of Sovereignty

Grégory Daho, Luc Klein


Part II Case Studies of Contested and Renegotiated Sovereignty

Security and Regional Integration Through a Maritime Lens: Shared Sovereignty and Non-cooperation in the Inter-American Region

Sylvain Domergue

When the “War on Terror” Undermines the Sovereignty of Fragile, Failing and Failed States

Mélanie Dubuy

De Facto Sovereignty and Multilateral Sanctions for a Return to Constitutional Order in a Context of Regional Armed Conflict: The Case of Mali

Aminata Diaby, Nicolas Klingelschmitt

Outer Space, War and Sovereignty

Isabelle Sourbès-Verger

Foreign Military Bases and the Sovereignty of Local Communities: The Case of Poland

Grzegorz Smułek

War and Sovereignty: “Words that Go Together Well” for an Interdisciplinary Approach

Robert Frank

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