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Parution : 04/2020
Editeur : Brill
ISBN : 978-9-0044-1177-7
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EU Citizenship and Free Movement Rights

Taking Supranational Citizenship Seriously

Sous la direction de Sandra Mantu, Paul Minderhoud, Elspeth Guild

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This collective volume examines how EU citizenship reconstructs in unexpected ways what citizenship as a status means and stands for. EU citizenship can neither be accurately described as a citizenship status similar to national citizenship, nor as an immigration one. The book examines the tension at the heart of attempts to grasp the nature of EU citizenship as supranational status in relation to family reunification, social rights and expulsion. It shows that while events such as Brexit stress the importance of EU citizenship, the construction of supranational citizenship along the axis of non-discrimination and equality remains a work in progress that requires the efforts of all actors involved - institutions, implementing authorities, courts and citizens.



By: Sandra Mantu, Elspeth Guild and Paul Minderhoud

EU Citizens and Their Family Members

 Who Wants to Be an EU Citizen?
By: Elspeth Guild
The Fundamental Status of Minor Union Citizens and the Best Interests of the Child
By: Annette Schrauwen
Spanish Experiences with the Mobility of EU/EEA Citizens and Their Family Members: Opening the “Black Box”?
By: Emiliano García Coso

The Convoluted Issue of Equality 

The Judgments of Brey, Dano and Alimanovic: A Case of Derogation or a Need to Solve the Riddle?
By: Johannes Peyrl
Mobile EU Citizens and the “Unreasonable Burden”: How EU Member States Deal with Residence Rights at the Street Level
By: Anita Heindlmaier
Expulsion from the “Heart of Europe”: The Belgian Law and Practice Relating to the Termination of EU Residence Rights
By: Anthony Valcke 
EU Citizenship as Precarious Status for Precarious Workers: Implications of National Policies Restricting EU Citizens’ Rights for Young University-Educated EU Migrants in Brussels
By: Anna Simola
“We Should Call Them Our Friends” – Negotiations on Welfare and Social Security Entitlements for Displaced EU Citizens in Sweden
By: Sara Nyhlén 

EU Citizenship and Restrictive Practices 

A Contingent Citizenship – Union Citizenship and Expulsion
By: Stephen Coutts
European States Returning European Citizens: France and the Roma Populations
By: Marie-Laure Basilien-Gainche
Reversed Free Movement
By: Cristina Juverdeanu
Abusing or Misusing the Right of Free Movement? The UK’s Policy towards EU Nationals Sleeping Rough
By: Matthew Evans
“A Matter for the Minister”?: Removal and Exclusion Orders in Irish Law
By: Patricia Brazil 

EU Citizenship beyond Free Movement 

 The Promised Land of Milk and Honey? From EU Citizens to Third-Country Nationals after Brexit
By: Eglé Dagilyté
The Dark Side of Free Movement: When Individual and Social Interests Class
By: Iris Goldner Lang and Maroje Lang
EU Citizenship and EU Territory: Unsettling the National, Embedding the Supranational
By: Sandra Mantu


Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy in Europe , Vol. 47 , 438 pages.  180,00 €

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