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Parution : 05/2019
Editeur : Brill
ISBN : 978-9-0044-0047-4
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The Impact of Justice on the Roman Empire

Proceedings of the Thirteenth Workshop of the International Network Impact of Empire (Gent, June 21-24, 2017)

Sous la direction de Olivier Hekster, Koenraad Verboven

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The Impact of Justice on the Roman Empire discusses ways in which notions, practice and the ideology of justice impacted on the functioning of the Roman Empire. The papers assembled in this volume follow from the thirteenth workshop of the international network Impact of Empire. They focus on what was considered just in various groups of Roman subjects, how these views were legitimated, shifted over time, and how they affected policy making and political, administrative, and judicial practices. Linking all of the papers are three common themes: the emperor and justice, justice in a dispersed empire and differentiation of justice.




By: Koenraad Verboven and Olivier Hekster

  • The Emperor and Justice
    • Culture politique impériale et pratique de la justice : Regards croisés sur la figure du prince « injuste »

      By: Stéphane Benoist and Anne Gangloff

    • The Decreta and Imperiales Sententiae of Julius Paulus: Law and Justice in the Judicial Decisions of Septimius Severus

      By: Elsemieke Daalder

    • The Value of the Stability of the Law: A Perspective on the Role of the Emperor in Political Crises

      By: Francesco Bono

    • Legal Education, Realpolitik, and the Propagation of the Emperor’s Justice

      By: Matthijs Wibier

  • Justice in a Dispersed Empire

    • Koinoi Nomoi: Hadrian and the Harmonization of Local Laws

      By: Juan Manuel Cortés-Copete

    • Justice, Res Publica and Empire: Subsidiarity and Hierarchy in the Roman Empire

      By: Frédéric Hurlet

    • Substantive Justice in Provincial and Roman Legal Argument

      By: Clifford Ando

    • Zwischen Theorie und Wirklichkeit: Römische Sicherheitsgesetze und ihre Realisierung

      By: Peter Herz

  • Justice for All?

    • Geschlechterrollen im römischen Erbrecht im Spiegel des zeitgenössischen Gerechtigkeitsverständnisses und am Beispiel der lex Voconia

      By: Elena Köstner

    • La femme : objet et sujet de la justice romaine

      By: Pilar Pavón

    • The Spectacle of Justice in the Roman Empire

      By: Margherita Carucci

Impact of Empire , Vol. 34 , 237 pages.  135 €

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