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Parution : 08/2022
Editeur : Brill
ISBN : 978-9-0045-2512-2
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Law and Economic Performance in the Roman World

Sous la direction de Koenraad Verboven, Paul Erdkamp

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This book offers critical analyses of the dynamic relation between legal regulations, institutions and economic performance in the Roman world. It studies how law and legal thought affected economic development, and vice versa. Inspired by New Institutional Economics scholars the past decades used ancient law to explain economic growth. There was, however, no natural selection process directing legal changes towards macro-economic efficiency. Ancient rulers and jurists modified institutions to serve or safeguard particular interests—political, social, or economic. Nevertheless both economic performance and legal scholarship peaked at unprecedented levels. These were momentous historical developments. How were they related?  



Chapter 1 Introduction: Legal Systems and Economic Development
Authors: Koenraad Verboven and Paul Erdkamp

Chapter 2 Private Property Rights and Public Claims on Land in the Roman Empire
Author: Dennis P. Kehoe

Chapter 3 Hadrian, Middlemen and the Exploitation of Imperial Domains
Author: Alberto Dalla Rosa

Chapter 4 Adapting Imperial Economic Choices to Regional Contexts: New Evidence from the Sermo Procuratorum and the Lex Hadriana
Author: Hernán González Bordas

Chapter 5 The Effectiveness of the Early Roman Law of Obligations for Bankers
Author: Philip Kay

Chapter 6 Tax Farming as a Financial Enterprise in the Late Roman Republic and the Question of the Partes
Author: Boudewijn Sirks

Chapter 7 Goods, Law, and Trade: Material Evidence for Lease and Hire Contracts (locatio conductio) and a Grain Sample Recorded in CIL 4.9591
Author: Emilia Mataix Ferrándiz

Chapter 8 Creating and Linking Socio-Economic and Legal Frames: Cicero’s Pro Quinctio
Author: Sven Günther

Chapter 9 The Pretium in Numerata Pecunia Controversy and the Jewish Debate over the Acquisition of Movables
Author: Merav Haklai

Chapter 10 Reliance in the Face of Death: Considerations on Roman Economy and Fideicommissa
Author: Ulrike Babusiaux

Chapter 11 Roman Citizens in the Legal Economy of a Greek Polis: The Case of Private Donations to Public Bodies
Author: Lina Girdvainyte

Chapter 12 Banking, Credit and Loans in the Novels of the Emperor Justinian
Author: Peter Sarris

Chapter 13 Roman Law, Commercial Law and Levin Goldschmidt’s Legacy
Author: Stefania Gialdroni

Impact of Empire , Vol. 44 , 283 pages.  131.88 €

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