Parution : 12/2023
Editeur : Edward Elgar
ISBN : 978-1-8039-2141-9
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How to Set up and Run a Law Clinic

Principles and Practice

Donald Nicolson, JoNel Newman, Richard Grimes

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This accessible How To Guide provides practical, expert guidance on how to successfully set up and run a law clinic. Donald Nicolson, JoNel Newman and Richard Grimes explore the process of designing a clinic to address unmet legal needs, enhance student learning, and maximise the additional benefits of a clinic.

How to Set up and Run a Law Clinic is a comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of running a clinic. Based on the authors’ first-hand experience, the book analyses a variety of day-to-day issues that can arise when setting up a law clinic and provides invaluable solutions to these commonly occurring challenges. In investigating how clinics may be run, and what services they can provide, the book investigates possible tensions between educational and social justice objectives, and how they may be resolved to meet these dual aims. The book examines how the expectations of all stakeholders, including those with regulatory oversight of clinical activities, can be managed and met.

Those working within law schools who are wishing to set up or expand law clinics will find this book to be highly useful. It will be a valuable resource for those aiming to enhance employability and experiential learning offerings. Students, and legal practitioners, wishing to gain insight into the value of clinical work will also find this to be a helpful guide.

Donald Nicolson, OBE, Professor of Law and Director of the Essex Law Clinic, Essex Law School, University of Essex, UK ; JoNel Newman, Professor of Law and Director, Health Rights Clinic, University of Miami, US ; and Richard Grimes, Visiting Professor, Charles University, Czech Republic and New Vision University, Republic of Georgia; formerly Director of Clinical Programmes, York Law School, University of York, UK.




1 Introducing law clinics

2 Clinic goals and benefits

3 Clinic design: organisational variables

4 Clinic services: what services can clinics provide?

5 Service delivery models: who, how, where, and when?

6 Delivering quality clinical education and services

7 Setting up an effective and sustainable clinic

8 Future perfect: planning your successful clinic

246 pages.  £95.00