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Parution : 09/2020
Editeur : Brill
ISBN : 978-9-0044-2245-2
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Social Justice, Brexit and Other Challenges

Sous la direction de Nathan Cambien,  Dimitry Kochenov,  Elise Muir

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European citizenship is facing numerous challenges, including fundamental rights and social justice considerations. These get amplified in the context of Brexit and the general rise of populism in Europe today. This book takes a representative selection of these challenges, which raise a multitude of highly complex issues, as an invitation to provide a critical appraisal of the current state of the EU legal framework surrounding EU citizenship. The contributions are grouped in four parts, dealing with constitutional developments posing challenges to EU citizenship; the limits of the free movement paradigm in the context of EU citizenship; EU citizenship beyond free movement; and, lastly, EU citizenship in the context of the outside world, including Brexit, the EEA and Eurasian Economic Union.



European Citizenship under Stress: Introduction
Par : Nathan Cambien, Dimitry Kochenov, and Elise Muir

EU Citizenship: Constitutional Challenges

EU Citizenship: Some Systemic Constitutional Implications
Par : Dimitry Kochenov

Union Citizenship and Beyond
Par : Hans Ulrich Jessurun d’Oliveira

EU Citizenship as a Means of Broadening the Application of EU Fundamental Rights: Developments and Limits
Par : Katerina Kalaitzaki

Free Movement of Dual EU Citizens
Par : David A.J.G. de Groot

Free Movement and Its Limits

The Court, the Legislature and the Co-Construction of a Status of Social Integration
Par : Stephen Coutts

Life after the ‘Dano-Trilogy’: Legal Certainty, Choices and Limitations in EU Citizenship Case Law
Par : Moritz Jesse and Daniel William Carter

EU Citizenship, Access to “Social Benefits” and Third-Country National Family Members: Reflecting on the Relationship between Primary and Secondary Rights in Times of Brexit
Par : Elise Muir

Residence Rights for EU Citizens and Their Family Members: Navigating the New Normal
Par : Nathan Cambien

Distinguishing between Use and Abuse of EU Free Movement Law: Evaluating Use of the “Europe-route” for Family Reunification to Overcome Reverse Discrimination
Par : Hester Kroeze

The Revised Posting of Workers Directive: Curbing or Ensuring Free Movement?
Par : Piet Van Nuffel and Sofia Afanasjeva

EU Citizenship beyond Movement

The Pernicious Influence of Citizenship Rights on Workers’ Rights in the EU – The Case of Student Finance
Par : Araceli Turmo

European Higher Education in the Context of Brexit
Par : Sacha Garben

The Right to Participate in the European Elections and the Vertical Division of Competences in the European Union
Par : Sébastien Platon

The European Citizens’ Initiative in Times of Brexit
Par : Natassa Athanasiadou

Supranational Citizenship and the Outside World

The “Sale” of Conditional Citizenship: the Cyprus Investment Programme under the Lens of EU Law
Par : Sofya Kudryashova

Member State Nationality, EU Citizenship and Associate European Citizenship
Par : A.P. van der Mei

From Union Citizen to Third-Country National: Brexit, the UK Withdrawal Agreement, No-Deal Preparations and Britons Living in the European Union
Par : Gillian More

Free Movement of Persons in the EU v. in the eea: of Effect-Related Homogeneity and a Reversed Polydor Principle
Par : Christa Tobler

The Free Movement of Persons in the Eurasian Economic Union – between Civis Eurasiaticus and Homo Oeconomicus
Par : Benedikt Pirker and Kirill Entin

Nijhoff Studies in European Union Law , Vol. 16 , 560 pages.  175,00 €

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