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Parution : 11/2019
Editeur : Carolina Academic Press
ISBN : 978-1-5310-1734-7
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Twenty-First Century Remedies

Comparative Perspectives

Sous la direction de Laëtitia Tranchant, Guilhem Gil, Russell L. Weaver, Steven I. Friedland

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During 2018, the Remedies Discussion Forum met twice: first, in Aix-en-Provence, France, in June, and then in Louisville, Kentucky, in early December. For the Aix forum, there were several different topics under consideration: “property remedies,” which could be analyzed from a variety of perspectives; "intersections in private law," which could focus on intersections between private law areas (e.g., contract and tort, contract and fiduciary obligations) and private law or other legal fields (e.g., private law and public law, tort law and corporate law); and “recent developments in remedies,” which could involve recent remedial developments from the writer’s own country. At the Louisville forum, there were also three topics: “recent developments in remedies,” which could involve recent remedial developments from the writer’s own country or “controversial” remedies such as attempts to impose nationwide injunctions; “comparative perspectives on remedies,” which allowed the author to focus on any comparative aspect of remedies; and “remedies in free speech cases,” particularly for fake news. The papers published here are “discussion drafts” that were submitted to, and discussed at, the fora.

The Global Papers Series involves publications of papers by nationally and internationally prominent legal scholars on a variety of important legal topics, including administrative law, freedom of expression, defamation and criminal law. The books in this series present the work of scholars from different nations who bring diverse perspectives to the issues under discussion.

The Global Papers Series , Vol. 10 , 256 pages.  $34.00

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