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Parution : 02/2017
Editeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 978-1-3165-0113-9
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The Many Hands of the State

Theorizing Political Authority and Social Control

Sous la direction de Kimberly J. Morgan, Ann Shola Orloff

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The state is central to social scientific and historical inquiry today, reflecting its importance in domestic and international affairs. States kill, coerce, fight, torture, and incarcerate, yet they also nurture, protect, educate, redistribute, and invest. It is precisely because of the complexity and wide-ranging impacts of states that research on them has proliferated and diversified. Yet, too many scholars inhabit separate academic silos, and theorizing of states has become dispersed and disjointed. This book aims to bridge some of the many gaps between scholarly endeavors, bringing together scholars from a diverse array of disciplines and perspectives who study states and empires. The book offers not only a sample of cutting-edge research that can serve as models and directions for future work, but an original conceptualization and theorization of states, their origins and evolution, and their effects.



Part I - Locating the State

1 - Reconciling Equal Treatment with Respect for Individuality

2 - Beyond the Hidden American State

3 - States as a Series of People Exchanges

4 - State Metrology

Part II - Stratification and the Transformation of States

5 - Gendered States Made and Remade

6 - States and Gender Justice

7 - The Civil Rights State

8 - Disaggregating the Racial State

Part III - Developing the Sinews of Power

9 - Democratic States of Unexception

10 - Performing Order

11 - Fiscal Forearms

12 - The State and the Revolution in War

Part IV - States and Empires

13 - Imperial States in the Age of Discovery

14 - Making Legibility between Colony and Empire

15 - The Octopus and the Hekatonkheire