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Mieux comprendre le harcèlement au travail dans un monde en mutation


Mieux comprendre le harcèlement au travail dans un monde en mutation

Better Understanding of Workplace Bullying and Harassment in a Changing World



5th June 2018 : Pre-conference Doctoral Workshop and SIG meetings - Pôle juridique et judiciaire, Place Pey Berland

6th - 8th June 2018 : Conference keynotes, symposia, workshops and presentation sessions - Palais de la Bourse

Simultaneous translation in French, Spanish and English.

In light of extensive studies on workplace bullying and harassment, everyone agrees that they are unacceptable, having disastrous consequences on the target’s health, and a negative impact on company performance. However, bullying persists even in countries which have specific laws against it. If companies are willing to acknowledge work stress, they are still reluctant to recognize bullying, they still view it as a subjective problem.

At the same time, the situation has become more complex. Bullying is an interpersonal issue, but it is affected by the organisational culture and the work climate. In a period of economic crisis, when some work organizations are primarily focused on financial performance, they can also indulge in bullying, claiming that it is necessary in the context. This lack of clarity regarding what constitutes unacceptable workplace behaviour is a fertile environment for “institutional bullying”. Even if bullying is a risk among other sufferings in the workplace, the particular nature of bullying differentiates it from other psycho social risks. This leads us to re-examine the boundaries between bullying strictly speaking and tough management.

The aim of the 11th IAWBH congress is to further explore the complexity of the bullying phenomenon, to understand the transformation of workplace (new forms of work, new organizations, new environment), taking into account the increase of insecurity and violence in modern society.

We are delighted to invite you to join us for the 11th IAWBH conference in Bordeaux. A beautiful city at two hours from Paris with a new high-speed train. A city that contains more preserved historical buildings than any city in France aside from Paris and surrounded by the most famed wine region in the world. Bordeaux is on the rise, with a metropolitan population over one million, several respected universities injecting talented young graduates into the community and the recently opened wonderful “Cité du Vin” wine museum. If you wish, the additional activities suggested will allow you to discover this rich heritage.

Marie-France Hirigoyen et Loïc Lerouge




Day 1, June, 6th


8:00 : Registrations

8:45 : Opening ceremony

9:45 : Tea/Coffee break


10:00 : Keynote 1

Legal Approaches to Psychological Harassment at Work : Reflection on a Multidimensional Problem
Anne-Marie Laflamme

10:45 : Oral presentations (concurrent streams)

11:45 : Oral presentations (concurrent streams)

10:45 : Invited symposium 1 (75 minutes) Exploring the group dynamics involved in bullying at work


12:45 : Lunch Break


14:15 : Oral presentations (concurrent streams)

15:15 : Oral presentations (concurrent streams)


14:15 : Workshop 1

(120 minutes total)

Creating a Positive Learning Environment (CAPLE) : determining optimal methods for participant engagement in a clinical student bullying prevention program

16:15 : Tea/Coffee break Posters session

16:45 :Oral presentations (concurrent streams)

17:45 : Oral presentations (concurrent streams)

19:00 : Welcoming cocktail at Bordeaux City Hall

20:00 : SIG Dinners


Day 2, June, 7th


8:00 : Registrations

8:45 : Oral presentations (concurrent streams)

9:45 : Tea/Coffee break Posters session


10:15 : Keynote 2

Bullying in Latin America. Insights from the Iberoamerican Conferences
Florencia Peña

11:00 : Oral presentations (concurrent streams)

12:00 : Oral presentations (concurrent streams)


11:15 : Invited symposium 2

(75 minutes)

The development of workplace bullying : longitudinal and contextual approaches


12:45 : Lunch Break


14:00 : Oral presentations (concurrent streams)

15:00 : Oral presentations (concurrent streams)


14:00 : Workshop 2

(120 minutes total)

How to Address, Manage, Prevent and Mitigate Incidences of Cyber Bullying, Cyber Stalking, and Other Forms of Electronic Harassment

16:00 : Tea/Coffee break Posters session


16:30 : Keynote 3

What do we talk about when we talk about mental health ?
Alain Ehrenberg

17:30 : IAWBH General Assembly

19:45 : Departure for the Official dinner by bus


Day 3, June 8th


8:00 : Registrations

8:45 : Oral presentations (concurrent streams)

9:45 : Tea/Coffee break Posters session


10:15 : Keynote 4

Procedures for addressing bullying in the workplace
Manuel Velazquez

11:00 : Oral presentations (concurrent streams)


11:00 : Invited symposium 3

(75 minutes)

Work organisation factors in bullying and illtreatment risk in public sector organisations


12:20 : Lunch Break


13:45 : Oral presentations (concurrent streams)

14:45 : Oral presentations (concurrent streams)


13:45 : Workshop 3

(120 minutes total)

Sexual harassment at work : comprehension, policies and tools for better prevention

15:45 : Closing ceremony

Palais de la Bourse
17 Place de la Bourse
33000 Bordeaux


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