Parution : 09/2023
Editeur : Springer
ISBN : 978-3-0313-7640-5
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The Construction, Sources, and Implications of Consensualism in Contract

Lesson from France

Kane Abry

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This book offers a comprehensive introduction to French contract law with a focus on the role of consent and the evolution of consensualism, considering its immediate historical sources. The book provides a clear, in-depth, and analytical discussion of the contingency of consensualism and how the development of consensual ideas across time and transnational geographical settings has specifically underpinned modern French contract law, which has inspired other legal systems and continues to do so. It also challenges the macro-narratives of European legal history and redefines consensualism so that it may be properly understood, addressing its manifest contemporary misinterpretations. Thorough, engaging, well-structured and inventive, there is no other English-language scholarly work that offers a similar analysis.

Dr. Kane Abry is a lawyer and teacher at the University of Edinburgh.

Studies in the History of Law and Justice (SHLJ) , Vol. 27 , 256 pages.  168,79 €