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Parution : 03/2022
Editeur : Oxford University Press
ISBN : 978-0-1988-4053-4
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The Oxford Handbook of Law and Anthropology

Sous la direction de Marie-Claire Foblets

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The Oxford Handbook of Law and Anthropology is a ground-breaking collection of essays that provides an original and internationally framed conception of the historical, theoretical, and ethnographic interconnections of law and anthropology. Each of the chapters in the Handbook provides a survey of the current state of scholarly debate and an argument about the future direction of research in this dynamic and interdisciplinary field. The structure of the Handbook is animated by an overarching collective narrative about how law and anthropology have and should relate to each other as intersecting domains of inquiry that address such fundamental questions as dispute resolution, normative ordering, social organization, and legal, political, and social identity. The need for such a comprehensive project has become even more pressing as lawyers and anthropologists work together in an ever-increasing number of areas, including immigration and asylum processes, international justice forums, cultural heritage certification and monitoring, and the writing of new national constitutions, among many others. The Handbook takes critical stock of these various points of intersection in order to identify and conceptualize the most promising areas of innovation and sociolegal relevance, as well as to acknowledge the points of tension, open questions, and areas for future development.



Front Matter

Social Control through Law: Critical Afterlives, Carol J. Greenhouse

Anthropology, Law, and Empire: Foundations in Context, Martin Chanock

South African Legal Culture and its Dis/Empowerment Paradox, Sindiso Mnisi Weeks

The Ethnographic Gaze on State Law in India, Pratiksha Baxi

The Anthropology of Indigenous Australia and Native Title Claims, Paul Burke

Encountering Indigenous Law in Canada, Brian Thom

Islam, Law, and the State, Dominik M. Müller

Law and Anthropology in the Netherlands: From Adat Law School to Anthropology of Law, Keebet von Benda-Beckmann

Law as an Enduring Concept: Space, Time, and Power, Anne Griffiths

Legalism: Rules, Categories, and Texts, Fernanda Pirie

Property Regimes, Matthew Canfield

Rights and Social Inclusion, Mark Goodale

Human Rights Activism, Sexuality, and Gender, Lynette J. Chua

Cultural Rights and Cultural Heritage as a Global Concern, Andrzej Jakubowski

Justice After Atrocity, Richard Ashby Wilson

Constitution Making, Felix-Anselm van Lier and Katrin Seidel

The Normative Complexity of Private Security: Beyond Legal Regulation and Stigmatization, Math Noortmann and Juliette Koning

Humanitarian Interventions, Erica Bornstein

Inequality, Victimhood, and Redress, Rita Kesselring

Anti-Discrimination Rules and Religious Minorities in the Workplace, Katayoun Alidadi

Transnational Agrarian Movements, Food Sovereignty, and Legal Mobilization, Priscilla Claeys and Karine Peschard

The Juridification of Politics, Rachel Sieder

The Persistence of Chinese Rights Defenders, Sara L. M. Davis

The Problem of Compliance and the Turn to Quantification, Sally Engle Merry

Law, Science, and Technologies, Bertram Turner and Melanie G. Wiber

Norm Creation beyond the State, Philipp Dann and Julia Eckert

Critique of Punitive Reason, Didier Fassin

Global Legal Institutions, Maria Sapignoli and Ronald Niezen

Legal Pluralism in Postcolonial, Postnational, and Postdemocratic Times, Eve Darian-Smith

Rule of Law and Media in the Making of Legal Identity in Urban Southern China, Dodom Kim

Legal Ethnology and Legal Anthropology in Hungary, Balázs Fekete

The Cultural Defence, Alison Dundes Renteln

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Faris Elias Nasrallah

Politics of Belonging, Olaf Zenker

Emotion, Affect, and Law, Kamari Maxine Clarke

Russian Legal Anthropology: From Empirical Ethnography to Applied Innovation, Florian Stammler, Aytalina Ivanova, and Brian Donahoe

Within and Beyond the Anthropology of Language and Law, Elizabeth Mertz

The Concept of Positive Law and Its Relationship to Religion and Morality, Baudouin Dupret

Law & Development, Markus Böckenförde and Berihun A Gebeye

Kinship through the Twofold Prism of Law and Anthropology, Marie-Claire Foblets

Environmental Justice, Dirk Hanschel and Elizabeth Steyn

Legal and Anthropological Approaches to International Refugee Law, Katia Bianchini

Indigenous Peoples, Identity, and Free, Prior, and Informed Consultation in Latin America, Armando Guevara Gil

Introduction: Mapping the Field of Law and Anthropology, Marie-Claire Foblets, Mark Goodale, Maria Sapignoli, and Olaf Zenker

Legal Traditions, Thomas Duve

Vigilantism and Security-Making, Jennifer Burrell

Legal Uses of Anthropology in France in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Frédéric Audren and Laetitia Guerlain

The Anthropology of European Law, Michele Graziadei

Legal Transfer, Günter Frankenberg

Law as Technique, Ralf Michaels and Annelise Riles

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