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Parution : 07/2021
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Introduction to Law Librarianship

Sous la direction de Zanada Joyner, Cas Laskowski

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Though law librarians have been acknowledged as instrumental in legal education and law practice, questions about the need for law librarians and law librarians’ ability to adapt to new demands of conducting and teaching legal research have been raised. Law librarianship also faces debates as to whether it should be considered a distinct profession by those who do not see law librarians as having specialized qualifications that set them apart from other librarians. This chapter will discuss the need for law librarians to advocate for their professions so they can show how they are needed in legal education and by society and they are distinct from other librarians as legal professionals to ensure that they can effectively advocate for themselves and their patrons on a variety of issues.



I. Universal Topics

1. The Profession of Law Librarianship

2. Diversity & Inclusion

3. Accessibility

4. Critical Legal Studies

5. Advocating for the Law Librarian Profession

6. Policy Development & Strategic Planning

7. Access to Justice

II. Academic Law Librarianship

8. Reference Work

9. Technical Services

10. Access Services

11. Collection Development

12. Special Collections & Archives

13. Faculty Services

14. Student Services & Engagement

15. Marketing & Outreach

16. Pedagogy

III. Government Law Librarianship

17. Public Education, Programs, & Access to Justice at the Law Library

18. Working with the Legislature

IV. Private Law Librarianship

19. Proficiency in Practice: Providing Essential Research Skills for New Associates

20. Competitive Intelligence – Breaking it Down

21. Non-Legal Research for the Law Firm Librarian

22. Future of Law Firm Librarianship

V. Navigating a Career in Law Librarianship

23. Navigating Your Career Goals: Government, Private & Academic Law Librarianship

24. Negotiating Salary & Benefits

25. Balance, Burn-out, & Mental Health

26. Professional Development

27. Scholarship

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