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Parution : 03/2021
Editeur : Bruylant
ISBN : 978-2-8027-6868-5
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Modernisation of European Company Law

Recent Legislative Archievement and the Future of European Company Law

Sous la direction de Antigoni Alexandropoulou

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This book is a collective volume of studies on the recent legislative developments in European Company Law as well as on topical legal issues that affect companies but which have not been harmonized yet. The Mobility Directive has introduced important amendments to the cross border operations of companies while the Directive on the Digitalisation of Company Law has brought about changes in the setting up of businesses and the use of digital tools and processes throughout the lifecycle of companies. The authors present and thoroughly analyses in their studies the important aspects of these new provisions and the challenges they present in their implementation. The book further explores the future of EU Company Law in particular regarding sustainable corporate governance, director’s duties, letterbox companies and the possible harmonization of the rules regulating groups of companies in the EU. All legal issues are presented very comprehensively and the authors who are academics and legal practitioners are shedding light on complicated legal questions in a very clear way.

This book contains contributions from : Antigoni Alxandropoulou, Niels Bang, Julie Müller Cornelius, Gorrissen Federpiel, Gabriela Fierbințeanu, Mazlum Güngör, Kai Härmand, Sarah Klaper, Vanessa Knapp, Béatrice Richez-Baum, Karsten Engsig Sørensen, Birgit Spiesshofer.



Letterbox companies: Abuse of companies and free movement in European Company Law

Cross-border mergers, divisions and conversions

Shareholders’ Protection in cross-border mobility of companies, more harmonised rules after the Company Law Package

The experience of digital company law in Estonia and a critical assessment of the recent directive on the digitalization of company law

Cross-Border Divisions in Practice

Future Proposals for directors’ duties

Recognising the interests of the group – another attempt to harmonise the rules regulating groups of companies in the EU

Towards More Sustainable Corporate Governance

Pratique du droit européen - Dossiers , 148 pages.  80,00 €


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