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Parution : 02/2020
Editeur : Oxford University Press
ISBN : 978-0-1988-5213-1
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Seventeenth-Century England and the Making of the Modern Political Imaginary

Feisal G. Mohamed

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This book argues that sovereignty is the first-order question of political order, and that seventeenth-century England provides an important case study in the roots of its modern iterations. It offers fresh readings of Thomas Hobbes, John Milton, and Andrew Marvell, as well as lesser-known figures and literary texts. In addition to political philosophy and literary studies, it also takes account of the period's legal history, exploring the exercise of the crown's feudal rights in the Court of Wards and Liveries, debates over habeas rights, and contests of various courts over jurisdiction. Theorizing sovereignty in a way that points forward to later modernity, the book also offers a sustained critique of the writings of Carl Schmitt, the twentieth century's most influential, if also most controversial, thinker on this topic.

Feisal G. Mohamed, Professor in the PhD Program in English and Coordinator of The Program in Global Early Modern Studies, The Graduate Center, CUNY



The Crown as Machine: Hobbes and Lord Saye
Provincializing Romance
Milton's Unitary Sovereignty
Marvell's Dread of the Sword
Epilogue: Uzzah and the Protection-Obedience Axiom

240 pages.  £55.00

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