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Parution : 12/2019
Editeur : Brill
ISBN : 978-9-0044-1715-1
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Modernisation, National Identity and Legal Instrumentalism

Volume II: Public Law

Sous la direction de Michał Gałędek, Anna Klimaszewska

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The driving force of the dynamic development of world legal history in the past few centuries, with the dominance of the West, was clearly the demands of modernisation – transforming existing reality into what is seen as modern. The need for modernisation, determining the development of modern law, however, clashed with the need to preserve cultural identity rooted in national traditions. With selected examples of different legal institutions, countries and periods, the authors of the essays in the two volumes Modernisation, National Identity and Legal Instrumentalism: Studies in Comparative Legal History, vol. I:Private Law and Modernisation, National Identity and Legal Instrumentalism: Studies in Comparative Legal History, vol. II: Public Law seek to explain the nature of this problem. 

Contributors are Judit Beke-Martos, Jiří Brňovják, Marjorie Carvalho de Souza, Michał Gałędek, Imre Képessy, Ivan Kosnica, Simon Lavis, Maja Maciejewska-Szałas, Tadeusz Maciejewski, Thomas Mohr, Balázs Pálvölgyi, and Marek Starý.



Residential Right in the Course of Time: Changes in the Legal Institution of the Inkolat in the Bohemian Crown Lands

By: Jiří Brňovják and Marek Starý

Legal Transfers and National Traditions: Patterns of Modernisation of the Administration in Polish Territories at the Turn of the 19th Century

By: Michał Gałędek

National Modernisation through the Constitutional Revolution of 1848 in Hungary: Pretext and Context

By: Imre Képessy

Restoring the Hungarian Historical Constitutional Order with a Coronation in 1867

By: Judit Beke-Martos

The Privy Council Appeal and British Imperial Policy, 1833–1939

By: Thomas Mohr

Direct Impact on Hungarian Migration Policy of the 1870 Agreement on Citizenship between the United States and Austria-Hungary (1880s–1914)

By: Balázs Pálvölgyi

Political Systems in Transition and Cultural (In)dependence: The Limits of a Legal Transplant in the Example of the Brazilian’s Court of Auditors Birth

By: Marjorie Carvalho de Souza

Constitutional Systems of Free European States (1918–1939)

By: Tadeusz Maciejewski and Maja Maciejewska-Szałas

Local Citizenship in the Croatian-Slavonian Legal Area in the First Yugoslavia (1918–1941): Breakdown of a Concept?

By: Ivan Kosnica

Nazi Law as Pure Instrument: Natural Law, (Extra-)Legal Terror, and the Neglect of Ideology

By: Simon Lavis

Studies in Comparative Legal History , Vol. 36 , 230 pages.  119,00 €

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