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Parution : 01/2019
Editeur : Palgrave
ISBN : 978-3-3199-8433-9
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A Political Sociology of Regionalisms

Perspectives for a Comparison

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This book provides an alternative approach to regionalism in neglected parts of the world. Taking stock of several decades of conceptualization, the author provides a political sociology approach of regionalisms fed by recent contributions from the sociology of international relations and public policy analysis. It uses a methodological rather than theoretical framework to bring a new perspective on an emerging field of comparative regionalism. The relational dimensions, the social contexts and characteristics of actors and their practices are key to shed a new light on what is considered in this book as a ‘social international phenomenon’.

Focus on empirical perspectives in its study of regionalism
Employs an actor-centered and political sociology approach
Uses a transversal approach to regional studies


  • Introduction: Comparative Regionalism, Why Bother (Again?)
  • Comparative Regionalism: Tracing the Field’s Consolidation
  • A Political Sociology to Compare Regionalisms: The Intellectual Legacy
  • A Political Sociology to Compare Regionalisms: The Analytical Framework
  • A Political Sociology to Compare Regionalisms: A Methodological Approximation
  • Conclusion

111 pages.  58,84 €

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