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Parution : 07/2019
Editeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 978-1-1084-7535-8
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Great Christian Jurists in American History

Sous la direction de Daniel L. Dreisbach, Mark David Hall


From the early days of European settlement in North America, Christianity has had a profound impact on American law and culture. This volume profiles nineteen of America's most influential Christian jurists from the early colonial era to the present day. Anyone interested in American legal history and jurisprudence, the role Christianity has played throughout the nation's history, and the relationship between faith and law will enjoy this worthy and unique study. The jurists covered in this collection were pious men and women, but that does not mean they agreed on how faith should inform law. From Roger Williams and John Cotton to Antonin Scalia and Mary Ann Glendon, America's great Christian jurists have brought their faith to bear on the practice of law in different ways and to different effects.


Table of Contents

Introduction. Christianity and American law Daniel L. Dreisbach
1. Roger Williams and John Cotton Glenn A. Moots
2. John Winthrop and the covenantal ideal Darren Staloff
3. Friendly laws: William Penn's Christian jurisprudence Andrew R. Murphy
4. The friendly jurisprudence and early feminism of John Dickinson Jane E. Calvert
5. Roger Sherman, Oliver Ellsworth, and the formation of America's constitutional order Mark David Hall
6. John Jay: the first Chief Justice Wendell Bird
7. James Wilson Donald L. Drakeman
8. Was Justice Joseph Story a Christian constitutionalist? James Stoner
9. Harvard's evangelist of evidence: Simon Greenleaf's Christian common sense Daniel David Blinka
10. John Marshall Harlan the Elder, Christian jurist Linda Przybyszewski
11. Judicial conservatism and Protestant faith: the case of Justice David J. Brewer Linda Przybyszewski
12. John T. Noonan, Jr: Catholic jurist and judge Charles J. Reid, Jr
13. The integrative Christian jurisprudence of Harold J. Berman John Witte
14. Antonin Scalia: devout Christian worldly judge Thomas C. Berg
15. The insights and transitions of Mary Ann Glendon Paolo G. Carozza
16. A reformed liberalism: Michael McConnell's contributions to Christian jurisprudence Nathan S. Chapman
17. The jurisprudence of Robert P. George Gerard V. Bradley.

Law and Christianity , 342 pages.  £ 99.99