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Parution : 11/2017
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Parliamentary History

Volume 36, Issue 3


Au sommaire

Editors' Note

Professor Michael Thompson (page iii)

Christopher Wright, Richard Gaunt and David Hayton


Original Articles

One that was no Furtherer of this Devise’: (Manufactured?) Opposition to the ‘Monarchical Republic of Elizabeth I’ (pages 273–297)

Catherine Chou

The Scottish Union Bill of 1656–7 (pages 298–313)

Patrick Little

Peers, Politics and the Price of Pepper: Skinner v . the East India Company (pages 314–332)

Ruth Paley

The Address in Reply to the Speech from the Throne (pages 333–345)

J. C. Sainty

Shew Yourselves as Men’: Gender, Citizenship and Political Propaganda in the 1773 and 1774 Worcester Election Contests (pages 346–360)

Alvar Blomgren


The History of Parliament Annual Lecture, 2016

7 December 1916: Asquith, Lloyd George and the Crisis of Liberalism (pages 361–371)

Kenneth O. Morgan

On the Radar: The House of Lords Comes in from the Cold (pages 372–386)

John Beckett



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Diarmaid MacCulloch

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Colin Haydon

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Emmett Sullivan