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PhD Day Legal History


PhD Day Legal History



12h30 : Welcome and light lunch

13h30 : Litigation strategies and the law of commerce in late medieval Bruges
Niels Fieremans, Ghent/Brussels

14h00 : Exchange Operations : Theory and Practice in Bordeaux during the Early Modem Period (1673-1789)
Victor Le Breton-Blon, Lille

14h30 : The Levant Company (1592-1X25). a charter company legally supervising British merchants in their trade with the Levant
Gilles Hebben, Lille

15h00 : International Financial Control in Greece : 1890s to 1920s
Pieterjan Sciiepens, Ghent

15h30 : Break

15h45 : The application of the Roman Law in Provence (late 17th-18th century) : a study around the Code Buisson
Jean-Michel Mangiavillano, Lille

16h15 : From illicit substances to narcotics : national legislation to international cooperation (18th-20th century)
Laury Renard, Lille

16h45 : The construction of a balanced criminal justice. Socio-historical analysis of the criminal procedure’s production in Belgium between the 19h and the 20th centuries
Edouard Delree, ULB

17h15 : The evolution of family law in Vietnam from the fifteenth century to the present
Linh-Nhâm Pham, Lille

17h45 : Drink offered by the Centre d’Histoire Judiciaire


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