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Le droit et sa place dans le monde antique


Le droit et sa place dans le monde antique

LXXIIIe Session de la SIHDA



Tuesday 3 September 2019

19.00 : Welcome Reception
(National Museum of Scotland)

The opening reception will take place in the Early Peoples Gallery in the National Museum of Scotland. Here you will be welcomed to the conference and spend the next 2 hours networking with colleagues whilst having access to an array of historical and archeological artifacts ranging from 8000BC to AD1100.


Wednesday 4 September 2019

(Playfair Library, South Side of Old College)

All sessions will take place in the Edinburgh Law School, North Side of Old College

10:00 : Opening Session


Session 1 / Session 1


Teaching Room 01
Chair/Présidente : Annette Ruelle

11:00 : Spaces of Citizenship : Defining Legal Status and Capacity in Roman Law and Topography
Kaius Tuori, University of Helsinki

De iure et tempore legum rogandarum
Elżbieta Loska, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University

The Place of Rhetoric in Late Republican Law : Some Thoughts on Pietas and the Querela inofficiosi testament
Graeme Cunningham, University of Glasgow

Libri actionum nella giurisprudenza romana del periodo repubblicano
Anna Novitskaya, University of Vienna


Teaching Room 02
Chair/Président : David Pugsley

11:00 : Zur Inhärenz von Einreden im bonae fidei iudicium
Thomas Finkenauer, Universität Tübingen

The Place of Bona Fides in International Law
Talya Ucaryilmaz, Oxford Institute of European and Comparative Law & Bilkent University

Dos Excepciones Procesales con una Única Finalidad
Margarita Fuenteseca, Universidade de Vigo

La responsabilidad por vicios ocultos de la cosa vendida, su origen histórico, evolución y encuadramiento dogmático actual ?
Maria Victoria Sansón Rodríguez, Universidad de La Laguna


Teaching Room 03
Chair/Président : Jakub Urbanik

11:00 : The Importance of Having an Heir
Radek Cernoch, Masaryk University

Überlegungen zur Litiskreszenz bei der actio ex testamento
Lisa Isola, Universität Wien

Un esempio di confronto testuale in tema di testamenti factio (cum testibus) : D. (Ulp. 1 ad Sab.) e I. 2.10.9
Francesca Terranova, Università degli Studi di Paler mo

Navicularii, naucleroi, and the Roman state in the second century AD
Benet Salway, University College London


Teaching Room 06
Chair/Président : Evelyn Hoebenreich

11:00 : Paulus D. : Some Remarks on the Farmer Case in the Western and Eastern European Legal Tradition
Milena Polojac, University of Belgrade

Roman Law and Roman History in Early 12th Century England : William of Malmesbury and Bodleian MS Arch Selden B.16
Simon Corcoran, Newcastle University

Interventi normativi giustinianei in particolari situazioni transitorie, caratterizzati da una specifica terminologia
Agatina Stefania Scarcella, Università degli Studi di Messina

The Continuous Existence of Roman Law Under Ottoman Court Systems
Ayşe Öncül, Istanbul University


Teaching Room 07
Chair/Président : Paul J. du Plessis

11:00 : Societas Publicanorum Vista en Distintos Pasajes de Cicerón como Germen de la Sociedad Anónima
Maria Teresa Garcia Ludeña, Independent Scholar

The addressees of the responses of P. Alfenus Varus and the accessibility of ‘ordinary’ people to his legal supports in late Republican Rome
Tomoyoshi Hayashi, Osaka University

Ignorantia iuris in Scaevola 1 dig., D.50.9.6.
Anna Plisecka, Kalaidos Law School, Zurich

Aestimatio damni nel terzo capo della lex Aquilia : Le api a supporto della teoria del David Daube
Alberto Lorusso, Universidad de Alcalá


13:00 : Lunch / Déjeuner
(Playfair Library, South Side of Old College)


Session 2 / Session 2


Teaching Room 01
Chair/Président : Maciej Jońca

14:00 : Slave Catchers and Slave Harborers : Trust on the Roman Road
Nicole Giannella, Cornell Univeristy

Relegatio in insulam of Hadrian’s Era : The Case of King Rasparaganus
Ivan Milotić, University of Zagreb

To Declare War : The Role of the Fetial Priests
Linda Zollschan, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


Teaching Room 02
Chair/Président : Peter Candy

14:00 : ‘Patere legem quam ipse tuleris’ : from the Praetorian Edict to the European Court of Justice
Fabiana Tuccillo, University of Naples Federico II

Roman Foundations of the Law of Arbitration
Wolfgang Ernst, University of Oxford

The Distinction between prescripción (prescription) and caducidad (limitation of action, caducité) from the perspective of the actio
Julio Pelaez, Universidad Francisco Marroquín


Teaching Room 03
Chair/Présidente : Anna Tarwacka

14:00 : Diritto, riforme metrologiche e loro impatto sui costi di transazione nel Mediterraneo antico
Mariagrazia Rizzi, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

The role of place in the context of the Roman law of surety
Konstantin Tanev, University of National and World Economy

Asset-based Financing and in rem versio
Vincent van Hoof, Radboud University


Teaching Room 06
Chair/Présidente : Anna Plisecka

14:00 : The Influence of Roman Law on the Concept of Possession in Czech Civil Law
Marek Novák, Charles University

Real Rights and the Principle of Numerus Clausus Compared to Personal Rights and the Freedom of Contract : A Comparative Analysis of Roman Law and Turkish Law
Sebnem Akipek Ocal, TED University

La place de la propriété dans le système des ‘choses’ (res) en droit romain : actualités doctrinales
Annette Ruelle, Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles


Teaching Room 07
Chair/Présidente : Milena Polojac

14:00 : The Moral and Social Reputation of a Witness as Formative for the Estimation of His Assessments
Kamil Sorka, Jagiellonian University

Itaque tanto est sermo Graecus Latino iucundior. Überlegungen zur Verwendung griechischer Termini in den Digesten
Marlene Peinhopf, University of Graz

The Concept of Preventive Protection in Roman Law and its Adaptation in European Legal Systems
Beata J. Kowalczyk, University of Gdańsk

15:30 : Coffee Break / Pause-café
(MacLaren Stuart Room Ground Floor, Old College)


Session 3 / Session 3


Teaching Room 01
Chair/Président : Paul J. du Plessis

16:00 : Deathbed Gifts as a Hybrid : Comparative Legal Perspective
Piotr Łochowski, Uniwersytet Jagielloński

The Restitution and the Disposition of ‘res extra dotem’
Tomoyo Yoshimura, Hiroshima International University

Römisches Recht als ratio scripta des Europäischen Recht
Zdravko Lučić, University of Sarajevo


Teaching Room 02
Chair/Président : Keith Vetter

16:00 : In tema di conflitto d’interessi fra tutore e pupillo o curatore e minore
Federica De Iuliis, Università di Parma

Libertis libertabusque relicta alimenta
Mariko Igimi, Kyushu University

Familiapecuniaque and the pater familias‘ disposal of the property in the early times of the Roman Empire
Kamila Stloukalová, Charles University


Teaching Room 03
Chair/Président : William Kerr

16:00 : Of Cargoes and Men : Law and Communication in Roman Sea Trade
milia Mataix Ferrandiz, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

Law, Rhetoric, and Saufeius’ Ship : The Use of chiasmus in D.19.2.31 (Alf. 5 dig. a Paulo epit.)
Peter Candy, University of Edinburgh

The Role of Roman Law in Roman Commerce : Reconciling Slaves’ Business Importance and Slaves’ Juridical Nullity
Edward E. Cohen, University of Pennsylvania


Teaching Room 06
Chair/Présidente : Maria Nowak

16:00 : Sources of International Law in Antiquity : The Case of Republican Rome
Izabela Leraczyk, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

La place du droit international dans le monde antique
Laurens Winkel, Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Empress Theodora and Legal Reform of Justinian
María José Bravo Bosch, University of Vigo


Teaching Room 07
Chair/Président : Ernest Metzger

16:00 : From the Lex curiata de imperio to the Lex (regia) de imperio
Federica Bertoldi, Università Roma Tre

Principles of Roman Law in the European Union Legal System
Danuta Kabat-Rudnicka, Cracow University of Economics

Roman Nicety in Canadian Inheritance Law : Beyond Spacetime ?
Grzegorz Jan Blicharz, Jagiellonian University

17:30 : Break/Pause

18:00 : Reception - Concert "The Copper Cats"
(Old College ‘Quad’)

19:30 : End


Thursday 5 September 2019


Session 4 / Session 4


Teaching Room 01
Chair/Président : David Perry

9:00 : The Ontology of Roman Forensic Science
Ido Israelowich, Tel Aviv University

Causation and Counterfactual Reasoning in Roman Law and Modern Jurisprudence
Matthias Armgardt, University of Konstanz

Some Observations on Definitions in Cicero’s Topica
Philip Thomas, University of Pretoria

The Pedagogical Sequence of de rebus and de iudiciis
Javier Rodríguez Diez, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


Teaching Room 02
Chair/Présidente : Anna Novitskaya

9:00 : The Earliest Roman Law Renunciations in Flanders
Dirk Heirbaut, Ghent University

George Buchanan and the Rule of Law : Greek and Roman Law in De Iure Regni apud Scotos (1579)
Maria S. Youni, Democritus University of T hrace

Andrés Bello’s Civil Code and Its System of Sources
Carlos Amunátegui Perelló, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Some Contributions of Four Humanist Scholars to our Knowledge of Roman Legal Institutions
Minoru Tanaka, Nanzan University


Teaching Room 03
Chair/Présidente : Nicole Giannella

9:00 : Antichresis : A Comparative Study of Classical Roman Law and the Contractual praxis from Roman Egypt
Rian Bobbink, Radboud University
Quintijn Mauer, Leiden University

Law in Space : A Wooden Tablet from Britannia
Eva Jakab, NK University Budapest

Quamvis eum qui pactus est statim paeniteat, transactio rescindi et lis instaurari non potest... Über die Bindungswirkung von Vergleichen im Lichte kaiserlicher Konstitutionen
Philipp Klausberger, Universität Wien

Takeshi Sasaki, Kyoto University


Teaching Room 06
Chair/Président : Kaius Tuori

9:00 : Bases Romanísticas de la Reserva Vidual
Raquel Escutia, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Derecho romano vigente y Derecho civil clásico
Federico Fernández de Buján, UNED University, Madrid

From the Debates on Public and Private Law : The State of Post-war Roman Law Studies
Bożena Czech-Jezierska, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Late Roman ius postliminii as the Sign of Weakening of Roman ‘Soft Power’ – Case Study
Jacek Wiewiorowski, University of Gdańsk


Teaching Room 07
Chair/Président : Egbert Koops

9:00 : Law and its Place in Monastic Communities : Rediscovering Legal Personality in Late Antique Egypt ?
Marzena Wojtczak, University of Warsaw

Si alia actio non erit – Zur actio de dolo als Möglichkeit einer restitutio in integrum
Birgit Forgo-Feldner, Universität Wien

Was there Some Kind of Eviction Control in Roman Law ?
David Magalhães, University of Coimbra

La validité du principe nemo pro parte en droit civil catalan : considérations de droit romain
Carmen Tort-Martorell, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

11:00 : Coffee Break / Pause-café
(MacLaren Stuart Room Ground Floor, Old College)


Session 5 / Session 5


Teaching Room 01
Chair/Président : Laurens Winkel

11:30 : Bonus iudex, bonus princeps : Law and justice in the Judicial Decisions of the Emperor Septimius Severus
Elsemieke Daalder, Leiden University

Justinian and Customary Law
Harry Dondorp, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

From Late Byzantium to Late Antiquity and Backwards : The Court of the katholikoi kritai ton Romaion and Rhetorical Exercises in Byzantium
Marios Tantalos, Independent Scholar


Teaching Room 02
Chair/Présidente : Leanne Bablitz

11:30 : Scaev. D. 2,15,3,2 : Ein Beispiel einer Gene-hmigungsverweigerung des vom Scheinerbe geschlossenen Vergleichs
Akira Sugao, Kyushu International University

Zum Klagsziel der actio pigneraticia in personam contraria in D. 13.7.9 pr.
Philipp Scheibelreiter, Universität Wien

‘Give me your hand as a pledge’ (Soph. Phil. 820) : The Hand as a Medium of Commitment and Trust in Ancient Greek Legal Practice and Beyond
Athina Dimopoulou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


Teaching Room 03
Chair/Présidente : Emmanuelle Chevreau

11:30 : Neque enim debet nocere factum alterius ei qui nihil fecit – Eine ‘Haftungsregel’ der römischen Klassik ?
David Tritremmel, University of Vienna

Le developpement juridique de la locatio conductio dans l’ancien droit romain
Sevgi Kayak, Istanbul Üniversitesi

Locationes’ di beni pubblici nei frammenti di Alfeno Varo
Silvia Viaro, Università di Padova


Teaching Room 06
Chair/Président : David Johnston

11:30 : Manumission and a Change of Mind : How to Resolve a Contradiction
Egbert Koops, Leiden University

Roman and Local Law in Salvius Iulianus (D. 1.3.32 pr-1)
Georgy Kantor, University of Oxford

Legislating for the Greeks : Roman Positive Legislation in Mainland Greece
Lina Girdvainyte, Université Bordeaux Montaigne


Teaching Room 07
Chair/Président : Julio Peláez

11:30 : The draft of the land constitution of Salzburg of the year 1526 : An analysis of the reception of Roman law regarding the right to a compulsory portion
Nikolaus Krausler, Universität Salzburg

Estrategias interpretativas y desarrollo de la exceptio doli generalis
Patricio Lazo, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

For a renewed interpretation of Augustan censuses, in the light of the matrimonial legislation of the Princeps and the multiplicity of status civitatis in the Italic Peninsula of the 1st century BC
Michele A. Fino, University of Gastronomic Sciences -Pollenzo


13:00 : Lunch / Déjeuner
(Playfair Library Old College)


Session 6 / Session 6


Teaching Room 01
Chair/Président : Alberto Lorusso

14:00 : Per un Rinnovato Studio della Tradizione Manoscritta del Digesto di Giustiniano
Paola Lambrini, Università di Padova

L’‘editio maior’ del Digesto di Theodor Mommsen e i manoscritti della ‘Vulgata’ : nuove prospettive di ricerca
Mattia Milani, Università degli Studi di Padova

Bluhme Simplified
David Pugsley, Faculté internationale de droit compare, Strasbourg


Teaching Room 02
Chair/Président : Wolfram Buchwitz

14:00 : Égyptiens après 212 : statut juridique ou dénomination culturelle ?
Arnaud Besson, Yale University

Nomikoi in the Roman Courts (and Out of Them)
Jakub Urbanik, University of Warsaw

Roman Statute Law in Latin Poetry
David Perry, University of Chicago


Teaching Room 03
Chair/Présidente : Marzena Wojtczak

14:00 : Die pervenit-Haftung im Zusammenhang mit den Klagen de peculio und de in rem verso
Andreas Herrmann, Universität Tübingen

Il rescritto dei Severi a Gemina sulla restituzione dei nati delle ancelle dotali : una risposta apparentemente dissonante
Mariateresa Carbone, Università Magna Graecia di Catanzaro

Sobre el Límite Temporal del Usufructo en Favor de las Civitates en Derecho Romano
José María Blanch Nougués, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


Teaching Room 06
Chair/Présidente : Athina Dimopoulou

14:00 : Commutative Justice under the Tetrarchy : An Analysis of laesio enormis and Rent Remission
Jonathan Ainslie, University of Edinburgh

Laesio enormis ‘revisited’
Martin Pennitz, University of Innsbruck

La ‘Cláusula Rebus sic Stantibus’ como Excepción al Principio ‘Pacta sunt Servanda’
Etelvina de las Casas León, Universidad de La Laguna


Teaching Room 07
Chair/Président : Philip Thomas

16:00 : The dediticii in the Constitutio Antoniniana
Gerhard Thür, University of Vienna

Censors as guardians of the mores maiorum : The case of divorce
Anna Tarwacka, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University

From public to private : transformation of legal space after the introduction of the Principate ?
Samuli Simelius, University of Helsinki

15:30 : Coffee Break / Pause-café
(MacLaren Stuart Room Ground Floor, Old College)


Session 7 / Session 7


Teaching Room 01
Chair/Présidente : Lorena Atzeri

16:00 : Adtemptata Pudicitia : Sanción al Acoso Callejero en la Experienca Jurídica Romana
Benjamín Musso, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Hubris, Iniuria and Harassment
Yasunori Kasai, University of Tokyo


Teaching Room 02
Chair/Présidente : Lina Girdvainyte

16:00 : Representation in Procedure in Roman Law and Ius Commune
Henrik-Riko Held, University of Zagreb

Presumptions between Civil and Canon Law
Tomislav Karlović, University of Zagreb


Teaching Room 03
Chair/Présidente : Lisa Isola

16:00 : Digesta : Prudentiae Romanae sive templum sive sepulcrum ? Mommsen’s proem to his ‘editio maior’
Jakob Stagl, Universidad de Chile

In conventionibus contrahentium voluntatem potius quam verba spectari placuit
Franciszek Longchamps de Bérier, Uniwersytet Jagielloński


Teaching Room 06
Chair/Président : Benet Salway

16:00 : Regulae and τόποι in Roman Law : A Road Map for Modern Legal Systems
Francesco Giglio, University of Surrey

Law as an Interpretative Directive in the Light of ‘Decisiones Lituanicae’ by Pedro Ruiz de Moros
Marzena Dyjakowska, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin


Teaching Room 07
Chair/Président : Johnathan Ainslie

16:00 : Roman Courts as Transitional Spaces : Tales from the Imperial Age
Dimitris Karambelas, University of Athens

Legal Hearings in the Forum of Pompeii
Leanne Bablitz, University of British Columbia

17:00 : Break/Pause

18:30 : Dinner and Scottish Ceilidh "The Ceilidh Experience"
(Ghillie Dhu, Edinburgh2 Rutland place, Edinburgh EH1 2AD)

21:00 : End


Friday 6 September 2019


Session 8 / Session 8


Teaching Room 01
Chair/Président : Thomas Finkenauer

09.00 : Observationes sobre la prohibición de adquirir bienes y recibir donaciones por los funcionarios provinciales en época postclásica y Justinianea
Elena Quintana Orive, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Severan Jurists, Policy Analysis, and the Rule of Law
Zachary Herz, Georgetown University

T he Emperor Overruling the Jurist : Severus’ decretum in favour of Rutiliana (Dig. 4.4.38 pr
Jeroen M.J. Chorus, Court of Appeal Amsterdam

Ultio Turiae – juridical vengeance in the hands of a woman
Maciej Jońca, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin


Teaching Room 03
Chair/Président : John W. Cairns

09.00 : Pretium, action de tigno iuncto e impensae: Un’interpretazione del passaggio Paolino 15 Quaestionum, D. 46,3,98,8
Carolina Schiele Manzor, Universidad Andrés Bello

Judged by their Judgements : Roman Trials as anti-Roman Propaganda Tools
William Kerr, University of New Brunswick

Soluciones alternativas al proceso en el Derecho Romano : El pacto
Gema Vallejo Pérez, University of León

The Conceptual Evolution of ‘poena’ : Multi-normative Penal Attitudes and Practices in Late Antiquity
Jaqueline Bemmer, University of Vienna


Teaching Room 06
Chair/Président : Wolfgang Ernst

09.00 : Le Unioni de Fatto come ex variis causarum figuris
Mar del Rosario Guridi Rivano, Universidad Andres Bello

The Reception of the Quasi-contracts
Tammo Wallinga, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam and Universiteit A ntwerpen

Alienatio : Its Juridical Meanings
María Ángeles Soza Ried, Universidad de los Andes, Santiago de Chile

Ancora sulle ‘actiones utiles'
Carmen Gomez-Buendia, Universitat Rovira i Virgili


Teaching Room 07
Chair/Présidente : Eva Jakab

09.00 : Furtum e possessio : rileggendo Contardo Ferrini
José Linares, Universitat de Girona

Diritto e società : la legislazione suntuaria del III e II sec. a. C
Carla Cambria, Università degli Studi di Messina

The Importance of the Law of the Praetors (Ius Praetorium)
Güzide Burcu Günveren, Bursa Uludağ University

Formal Ontology of the actio Publiciana in rem
Guido Tsuno, Chuo University

11:00 : Coffee Break / Pause-café


Session 9 / Session 9


Teaching Room 01
Chair/Président : Philipp Scheibelreiter

11:30 : Seneca, il beneficio della manomissione e l’accusatio ingrati liberti
Silvia Schiavo, University of Ferrara

La laesio enormis, le code civil autrichien de 1811 et une affaire de famille
Mircea Dan Bob, University of Cluj-Napoca

Marital Power from Roman Times up to the French and Dutch Civil Code, illustrated in Mozart’s Opera ‘La Nozze di Figaro
Emese von Bóné, Erasmus University Rotterdam


Teaching Room 02
Chair/Présidente : Carmen Gomez-Buendia

11:30 : Il diritto ed il suo posto nel mondo antico : a proposito di ius, fas, lex, e iuris prudentes
José Félix Chamie, Universidad Externado de Colombia

Le significationes del legislator : a proposito delle categorie giustinianee di ‘αἱρετικός’ e di ‘αἴρεσις
Alessandro Cusmà Piccione, Università degli Studi di Messina

Ratihabitio und Bestätigung. Zu Pomponius 32 ad Sab. D. 41.6.4
Sonja Dieckmann, University of Bielefeld


Teaching Room 03
Chair/Présidente : Elsemieke Daalder

11:30 : Ein entlaufener Bär zwischen Natur und Institution
Nadja El Beheiri, Katholische Universität Péter Pázmány

Die actio de pauperie vor dem Hintergrund sich wandelnder Haftungs- und Sachkonzepte
Doris Forster, Universität Konstanz

Mycenaean, Homeric and Archaic Greek Legal Concepts
Alexandr Loginov, Kutafin Moscow State Law University


Teaching Room 06
Chair/Président : Jeroen M.J. Chorus

11:30 : Reception of Byzantine Legal Collections into Serbian Medieval Law
Emilija Stanković, University of Kragujevac

A Byzantine Legal Text and its Editors
Lorena Atzeri, Università degli Studi di Milano

Fontes iuris Romani : The Long Journey of Roman Law in Estonia and for Estonians
Merike Ristikivi & Hesi Siimets-Gross, University of Tartu


Teaching Room 07
Chair/Président : Martin Pennitz

11:30 : Misure protettive contro un concepito nell’antica Roma
Piotr Niczyporuk, University of Bialystok

The Places of the Court in Mesopotamia and Israel
Cristina Simonetti, Università di Roma Tor Vergata
Francesco Lucrezi, Università di Salerno

ΑΠΑΤΟΡΕΣ once again
Maria Nowak, University of Warsaw


13:00 : Lunch / Déjeuner
(Playfair Library Old College)


Session 10 / Session 10


Teaching Room 01
Chair/Président : Tammo Wallinga

14:00 : Jurisdiction and the Law
José Luis Alonso, Universität Zürich

SC Claudianum – Modern Questions, Ancient Answers ?
Erdödy János, Katholische Universität Péter Pázmány


Teaching Room 03
Chair/Président : Francesco Giglio

14:00 : ‘Res communes omnium’, ‘commons’ : Palingenesia de una categoría jurídica romana
Consuelo Carrasco García, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Ius quod natura omnia animalia docuit : In the margin of D.1.1.3-4
Agnieszka Kacprzak, Kazimierz Pułaski University of Technology and Humanities, Radom


Teaching Room 06
Chair/Présidente : Emilija Stanković

14:00 : Causa and the Acquisition of Property
Joe Sampson, University of Oxford

L’apparition de la notion de paternité de l’œuvre littéraire : L’exemple de la Rome antique
Yasmina Benferhat, University of Lorraine


Teaching Room 07
Chair/Président : Zachary Herz

14:00 : L’unità del genere umano nell’etimologia isidoriana di parricidium
Giuseppe Di Donato, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano

Insani, stulti, furiosi : Featuring Mental Disorders in Graeco-Roman Literary and Legal Sources
Orsolya Márta Péter, Semmelweis University for Medical Sciences, Budapest

15:15 : Assemblée Générale
(Playfair Library Old College)

16:00 : Break/Pause

18:30 : Gala Dinner with "The West Coast Jazz Quartet"
(The Balmoral Hotel Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 2EQ)

23:00 : End/Fin


Saturday 7 September 2019


Optional Excursion

For those who have registered


08.30 : Departure
Outside of the National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh

10.30 : Vindolanda
(Bardon Mill, Hexham NE47 7JN)

12.45 : Lunch at The Sill
(Northumberland National Park)

14.00 : Housesteads, Hadrian’s Wall
(Bardon Mill, Hexham NE47 6NN)

16.00 : Departure



Event registration (closed 16th august)

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Chambers Street
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Ghillie Dhu Edinburgh
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