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Canada's Legal Past : Future Directions In Canadian Legal History


Canada's Legal Past : Future Directions In Canadian Legal History

Du lundi 17 juillet 2017 au mardi 18 juillet 2017



This bilingual conference will bring together scholars from Canada and around the world to explore new developments in research and pedagogy in Canadian legal history.

Conference planning committee: Dr. Blake Brown, St Mary's University; Dr. Lyndsay Campbell, University of Calgary; Dr. Ted McCoy, University of Calgary; Dr. Nicole O'Byrne, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton; and Dr. Adrian Smith, Carleton University.

We are grateful for the support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (#Canada150th), the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History, the Canadian Law and Society Association, the Department of Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University, the History Department at St. Mary’s University (Halifax), and the Vice-President Research, Faculties of Law and Arts, and Departments of Sociology and History at the University of Calgary.


Comité de planification du colloque : Dr. Blake Brown, St Mary's University ; Dr Lyndsay Campbell, University of Calgary ; Dr Ted McCoy, University of Calgary ; Dr Nicole O'Byrne, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton et le Dr Adrian Smith, Carleton University.

Nous remercions le Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines du Canada (# Canada150th), la Société Osgoode pour l'histoire juridique canadienne, l'Association canadienne droit et société, le Département du droit et des études juridiques de Carleton University, le Département d'histoire à St. Mary's University (Halifax) et le vice-président recherche, facultés de droit et d'arts et départements de sociologie et d'histoire de l'University of Calgary.




Refreshments will be served in the foyer outside the main lecture theatre, Murray Fraser Hall 2370. Dinner on Monday night will be held at Pulcinella Restaurant, at 1147 Kensington Cres. N.W.

Our new Rare Books room on the main floor of the library is open from 8:30 to 4:00.


July 17


8:00 Coffee and pastries in foyer outside MFH 2370

8 :30 Welcome remarks (MFH 2370)


Session 1 (9:00 - 10:30) 

Writing a History of Law in Canada

1. Consent, Tort, and Surgery in Early Twentieth-Century Canada
Blake Brown

2. Squatting and Land Titles in Pre-Confederation Canada
Jim Phillips

3.Philip Girard, “Form and Substance in Canadian Constitutional History”

Break –refreshments in foyer outside MFH 2370


Session 2 (10:45 - 12:15) 

Law’s Boundaries (MFH 2370)

Chair : Rob Hamilton

1. The Jurisdiction of Colonial Legislatures and the Great (Forgotten) Case of Stockdale v. Hansard
Lyndsay Campbell

2. Law, Religion, and Civil Society in 19th Century Quebec: The View from the Archbishop’s Palace
Brian Young

3. Marriage and Transnational Law in British North

Bradley Miller

4. Legal Archaeology in Canada : Pierson v. Postand the Frederick Gerring
Angela Fernandez and Christopher Shorey

Lunch in foyer outside MFH 2370


Session 3A (1:15 - 2:45) 

Changes in Private Law (MFH 2370)

Chair : Eric Reiter

1. Re-imagining Affirmative Duties of Care in Canada, 1968-74 : Two episodes in Canada’s Private Law Revolution, 1965-1990
Rande Kostal and Erika Chamberlain

2. La survie et la modernisation du droit civil, 1774-2017
Michel Morin

3.Douglas C. Harris, “A History of Condominium in the Country”


Session 3B (1:15 - 2:45) 

Crime, Space and Troubling People (MFH 3340)

Chair : Darren Pacione

1. The 2012 Danzig Shooting and Zones of Exception in Toronto
Barrington Walker

2. Anxious at the Very Gates of Hell : Crime, Race and Community Identity on a North American Settlement Frontier, 1908-1925
Jonathan Swainger

3. « Passing the Wine » : Tracing the Struggle of the Calgary Italian Community to Legalize Homemade Wine Production
Claire Gjertsen and Stefan Parker

4. The State’s Business in the Bedrooms of Lesbian Nation
Karen Pear lston


Session 4A (2:45 - 4:15) 

Gender and the Household (MFH 2370)

Chair : Peter Gossage

1. Household Debts and the Coutume de Paris in Pre-Industrial Montreal(1795-1830) : Gender, Capitalism and Legal Cultures
Jean-Philippe Garneau

2. The Historical Development of Children’s Right to Protection from Harm in Canada
Lori Chambers

3. Le point de vue des femmes, comme source historique pour comprendre le droit civil québécois. L’exemple de la capacité juridique de la femme mariée, 1913-1965
Marie-Neige Laperrière


Session 4B (2:45 - 4:15) 

Legal Institutions and the Work of Interpretation (MFH 3340)

Chair : Mark Harding

1. Canada, Commerce and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council
Catharine MacMillan

2. The Constitutional Significance of Judicial Biography –the Case of Lord Sinha
Ian Holloway

3. ‘Where Covert Guile and Artifice Abound’ : To Know Insolvency and Fraud in Upper Canada, 1794-1843
Jeffrey L. McNairn


Break–refreshments in foyer outside MFH 2370


Session 5 (4:30 - 6:00) 

Indigenous Peoples and Regulation (MFH 2370)

Chair : Genevieve Painter

1. The Missing and Murdered of 1669
Jean-François Lozier

2. “No other weapon except organization” : A Comparative Study of Métis-State Relations in Alberta and Saskatchewan (1930-1964)
Nicole O’Byrne

3. Excluding the Regular Courts: Martial Law, Imperial Control, and Màori Rebels, 1846-7
Shaunnagh Dorsett

4.Jacqueline Briggs, “ Towards a History of Legal Aid in Canada: An Introduction to the Department of Indian Affairs Legal Aid Program for Status Indians Accused of Murder, 1880 to 1970
Jacqueline Briggs




July 18


8:00 Coffee and pastries in foyer outside MFH 2370


Session 6A (8:30 - 10:00) 

Familles, droit et justice au Québec : Out of the Archives (MFH 2370)

Chair : Alexandra Havrylyshyn

1. Familles, droit et justice au Québec, 1840-1920 : Aperçu d’un projet en cours
Peter Gossage

2. Families and Felons : Convicts Relatives and the Penal Law in 19th-Century Quebec
Donald Fyson

3. « Je donne toujours mes papiers à mon mari » : savoirs féminins, finances domestiques et droit civil au Québec, 1866-1931. Le « retard » québécois à l'épreuve des archives judiciaires
Thierry Nootens

4. Family Defamation in Quebec : The View from the Archives
Eric H. Reiter


Session 6B (8:30 - 10:00)

Legal Research (MFH 3340)

Chair : Lou Knafla

1 Jacqueline Z. Wilson, “ Redress, Records and the Colonial Legal Past: The Equivocal Role of Archives in Determining Reparations
Jacqueline Z. Wilson

2. Analyzing Bigamy Cases without Legal Records: It Is Possible
Mélanie Méthot

3. A Survey of Legal Archives in Canada
Graham Price

Break–refreshments in foyer outside MFH 2370


Session 7A (10:15 - 11:45) 

Legal Profession (MFH 2370)

Chair : Wes Pue

1. Women Lawyers and Judges : The Progress of Generations
Constance Backhouse

2. Practicing Law in a Lawyerless Colony: The Curious Case of Jacques Nouette de la Poufellerie
Alexandra Havrylyshyn

3. Advocating for Unpopular Causes and the Expectations of 'Respectable' Lawering in British Columbia, 1900-1940 : An Initial Exploration
Pooja Parmar and John McLaren

4. The Role of Justice and the Judiciary within the French Colonial Enterprise in North America in the 17 th Century
Serge Dauchy


Session 7B (10:15 – 11:45) 

Crime Stories (MFH 3340)

Chair : Nicole O’Byrne

1. Defending the Front de Libération du Québec: Self-Representation as Political Strategy in the Courtroom
Darren Pacione

2. Seeking Unruly Women: Breaking The Bond Between Crime and Punishment in Prison History
Ted McCoy

3. What I Learned about Writing True Crime
Greg Marquis


Lunch in faculty lounge on 4th floor


Session 8A (12:45 –2:15) 

Writing Legal History (MFH 2370)

Chair : Sarah Pike

1. Atlantic Canadian Legal History: Past, Present, and Future Trends
Michael Boudreau

2. The Historiography of Law and Society in Prairie Canada, 1870-2000
Louis A. Knafla

3. Lost’ Case Law in Canada : Vancouver Island, 1849-1871 : A Pilot Study
Andrew Buck


Session 8B (12 :45 – 1 :30)

Teaching and Pedagogy (MFH 3340)

Chair :1- Daniel Heidt, “Moving between Classrooms : Mobilizing and Merging Legal, Historical and High School Pedagogies for Canada 150.”

2-. James Muir on the Confederation Game

NB: This panel will end early to allow any who are interested to move into a computer lab in the library (room 2346) to explore Daniel Heidt’s Confederation Debates digitization project


Session 9 (2 :15 – 3 :45)

Low Law and the Drawing of Lines (MFH 2370)

Chair : Nathalie McKean

1. Bringing Bylaws into Low Law: Toward the Historical Study of Low Legislation
Mary Stokes

2. The Last Gasp of Temperance ? Liberalising the Liquor Laws in Post-war Alberta, 1945-1958
Sarah Hamill

3. Historicizing Criminalization of Canada’s First Nations : A Project for Legal Historians ?
Shelley Gavigan

4. From Crime to Mental Illness : The Regulation of Attempted Suicide in English-Speaking Canada, 1892-1972
Janet Miron


Break–refreshments in foyer outside MFH 2370


Session 10A (4 :00 – 5 :30)

Indigenous Peoples and Settler Sovereignty (MFH 2370)

Chair : Jacqueline Briggs

4 :00 - 1 .‘This Land of Which You Wish to Make Yourself Now Absolute Master’: The Legal Historical Construction of Sovereignty and Empire in Canada’s Maritime Provinces
Robert Hamilton

2 . Eighteenth-Century Maritime Treaties in Nineteenth-Century Memory
David G. Bell

3. ‘Give us his name’: Speech, Temporality, and Dispossession in a 19th Century Settler Colony
Genevieve Painter

4. Gilbert Malcolm Sproat, 1834-1913: A B.C. Indian Reserve Commissioner’s attempt to answer the ‘Indian Land Question’
Sarah P. Pike


Session 10B 4 :00 – 5 :30)

Confederation Game (MFH 4365)

To be conducted by James Muir.

This is your chance to remake Confederation as a « father. »


Closing remarks


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