Parution : 12/2023
Editeurs : Macmillan
ISBN : 978-3-0314-5346-5
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Against Post-Liberal Courts and Justice

Rescuing Ronald Dworkin’s Legacy

Lesley A. Jacobs, Matthew McManus

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This book covers how Liberal institutions – constitutional democracy, economic markets, liberal courts, free trade, international human rights – around the world are under assault by the political right and we are witnessing the emergence of post-liberal institutions. These post-liberal institutions are founded on the core conviction that the actions of liberal institutions including the United States Supreme Court are patently unjust. This volume makes the case against post-liberal courts and justice by reconnecting to the principles of moral equality and dignified freedom for all. The intention is to show how there is great untapped potential in the work of Ronald Dworkin’s work to demonstrate that it can help progressive liberals think through the great issues of the day and respond to the contemporary criticisms of the political right. The core themes are concretely illustrated by focusing on some of the most controversial recent post-liberal decisions of the Supreme Court, ranging from election funding to abortion to race-sensitive affirmative action, to economic inequality in an age of increasingly unequal opportunities.

Lesley A. Jacobs is Professor & Vice-President of Research & Innovation at Ontario Tech University and Professor at York University, Canada.

Matthew McManus is Lecturer in Political Science, University of Michigan, USA.




Ronald Dworkin’s Legacy

Securing Constitutional Democracy

Racial Integration and Affirmative Action

Pregnancy, Life, and the Dobbs Decision

Equal Opportunity and the Burden of Student Debt

Reading Dworkin Against Post-Liberal Justice

Palgrave Studies in Classical Liberalism , 136 pages.  42,19 €