Parution : 11/2023
Editeur : Oxford University Press
ISBN : 978-0-1976-0675-9
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The Oxford Handbook of Christianity and Law

Sous la direction de John Witte, Jr., Rafael Domingo

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This volume tells the story of the interaction between Christianity and law—historically and today, in the traditional heartlands of Christianity and around the globe. Sixty new chapters by leading scholars provide authoritative but accessible accounts of foundational Christian teachings on law and legal thought over the past two millennia as well as the current interaction and contestation of law and Christianity on all continents. Several chapters explore the ways in which Christianity shaped and was shaped by core public, private, penal, and procedural laws. Other chapters analyze various old and new forms of Christian canon law, natural law theory, and religious freedom norms as well as Christian teachings on fundamental principles of law, politics, and legal order. A final cluster of chapters probe Christian contributions to controversial and cutting legal issues of migration, biotechnology, environmentalism, and racial justice. Together, the chapters make clear that Christianity and law have had a perennial and permanent influence on each other over time and across cultures, albeit with varying levels of intensity and effectiveness.



Part I Christianity and Law in Historical Perspective
Part II The Global Interaction of Christianity and Law Today
Part III Christianity and Core Legal Subjects
Part IV Canon Law, Human Rights, and Religious Freedom
Part V Christianity and Emerging Areas of Law
Part VI Christianity and Enduring Legal Principles and Values

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