Parution : 08/2023
Editeur : Edward Elgar
ISBN : 978-1-8008-8558-5
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Research Handbook on Extraterritoriality in International Law

Sous la direction de Austen Parrish, Cedric Ryngaert

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By engaging with ongoing discussions surrounding the scope of cross-border regulation, this expansive Research Handbook provides the reader with key insights into the concept of extraterritoriality. It offers an incisive overview and analysis of one of the most critical components of global governance.

Authored by central voices in the global extraterritoriality debate, the Research Handbook on Extraterritoriality in International Law offers legal, interdisciplinary, and regional perspectives on this evolving field. It covers a variety of issues, such as the economics of extraterritorial crime, judicial extraterritoriality, and extraterritorial human rights obligations.

This comprehensive Research Handbook will be a valuable research resource for scholars and students of international law and politics, as well as international and domestically oriented legal practitioners who seek to grasp the difficult legal questions surrounding extraterritoriality.

Contributors: Samantha Besson, Régis Bismuth, Alejandro Chehtman, Anthony Colangelo, William S. Dodge, Matthew Garrod, Ellen Gutterman, Ioanna Hadjiyianni, Branislav Hock, Timothy Holbrook, Danielle Ireland Piper, Chimène I. Keitner, Magnus Killander, Christopher Kuner, Matthias Lehmann, Cristina Lloyd, Asaf Lubin, Mare Martyniszyn, Austen Parrish, Tonya Putnam, Cassandra Burke Robertson, Cedric Ryngaert, Sara Seck, Omri Sender, Dan Svantesson, Mari Takeuchi, Christian Tietje, Yanbai Andrea Wang, Michael Wood, Peer Zumbansen.

Edited by Austen Parrish, School of Law, University of California, Irvine, US and Cedric Ryngaert, Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance, Utrecht University School of Law, the Netherlands.



Introduction to the Research Handbook on Extraterritoriality in International Law
Cedric Ryngaert and Austen Parrish


1 International jurisdiction law
Cedric Ryngaert

2 Extraterritorial jurisdiction and the limits of customary international law
Omri Sender and Michael Wood

3 Sovereignty, self-determination, and the duty to cooperate: public international law’s limits on unilateral extraterritorial regulation of non-citizens
Austen Parrish

4 Political science and extraterritoriality
Tonya L. Putnam

5 Extraterritoriality, economics and crime
Branislav Hock

6 Law’s new cartographies: spatialization, digital borders and spaces of vulnerability
Peer Zumbansen


7 The European Union experience of extraterritoriality: when a (willing) victim has become a (soft) perpetrator
Régis Bismuth

8 The United States experience with extraterritoriality
Cassandra Burke Robertson

9 Extraterritoriality in the Commonwealth: case studies from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom
Danielle Ireland-Piper

10 Asian experience with extraterritoriality
Mari Takeuchi

11 Strategic approaches to extraterritorial jurisdiction in Latin America
Alejandro Chehtman

12 Extraterritoriality and Africa: in search of justice
Magnus Killander


13 Extraterritoriality of statutes and regulations
William S. Dodge

14 Judicial extraterritoriality
Yanbai Andrea Wang

15 The expansion of treaty-based extraterritorial criminal jurisdiction
Matthew Garrod

16 Extraterritoriality in international human rights law: back to the jurisdictional drawing board
Samantha Besson

17 Extraterritorial rights of refugees
Chimène I. Keitner

18 Criminal law extraterritoriality
Anthony J. Colangelo

19 Extraterritoriality: intellectual property
Timothy Holbrook

20 The prohibition on extraterritorial enforcement jurisdiction in the datasphere
Asaf Lubin

21 Data and extraterritoriality
Christopher Kuner

22 The extraterritorial reach of environmental law: legitimacy concerns and the role of domestic courts in controlling transnational regulatory power
Ioanna Hadjiyianni

23 Extraterritoriality in competition law: changing frictions
Marek Martyniszyn

24 Extraterritoriality in financial law
Matthias Lehmann

25 Extraterritoriality in the global governance of corruption: legal and political perspectives
Ellen Gutterman

26 Secondary sanctions
Christian Tietje and Cristina Lloyd

27 Global speech regulation: extraterritoriality in the context of internet content blocking, removal, de-listing, and must carry orders
Dan J.B. Svantesson

28 Extraterritoriality and corporate climate responsibility
Sara L. Seck

Research Handbooks in International Law series , 518 pages.  £220.00