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Parution : 04/2022
Editeur : Duke University Press
ISBN : 978-1-4780-1749-3
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Law and the Critique of Capitalism

Sous la direction de Corinne Blalock

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"A critique of capitalism is reemerging in US legal scholarship for the first time since the rise and fall of Critical Legal Studies (CLS) in the 1970s and 1980s," states the editor of this special issue in the introduction. "A new group of legal scholars, many identifying as part of the 'law and political economy' (LPE) movement, is addressing the ways law enables capitalist forms of exploitations and domination." The intention of these scholars, the editor continues, "is to think about law (through critique), with law (through the development of constructive projects), and beyond law (avoiding the pitfalls of legalism)." Contributors to the issue offer an introduction to this emerging scholarship, which they argue will create a shared terrain with critical and social theory and an opportunity for intellectual exchange that has not existed for some time.

The Against the Day section of this issue covers social and popular struggles in Colombia, particularly the national strike that began on April 28, 2021. Topics include the structural elements that led the national strike, the strike as it occurred in the city of Santiago de Cali, and the argumentative discourse deployed by the strike's so-called "front line".

Contributors: Farid Abud, Amna A. Akbar, Martha Bernal, Corinne Blalock, Wendy Brown, Alioscia Castronovo, Veena Dubal, Natalia Hernández Fajardo, Angela P. Harris, Jack Jackson, Amy Kapczynski, Duncan Kennedy, Betty Ruth Lozano Lerma, Ilich Ortiz, Hernán Alejandro Cortés Ramírez, Ntina Tzouvala, John Whitlow

South Atlantic Quarterly , Vol. 121 , 228 pages.  $16.00

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