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Editeur : Talbot Publishing
ISBN : 978-1-6161-9660-8
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Contemporary International Law of Civilized Peoples

General Part

Fiodor Fiodorovitch Martens

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The First English Translation by William E. Butler.

First published in Russian in 1882-1883, Contemporary International Law of Civilized Peoples ranks among the greatest treatises on international law and relations written during the nineteenth century. In this work Martens develops his concept of the international community and the respective roles of "civilized" and "uncivilized" peoples, and promotes several concepts that would become important in the twentieth century, such as the importance of "international administrative law" and the central role of human rights.

The work has two complementary parts: the General Part, which addresses the conceptual and historical foundations of international law, the status of the international community, states, and individuals and territory and law of treaties, and the Special Part, which addresses Martens's concept of international administration, diplomatic and consular law, human rights, private international law, international criminal law and the laws of war and neutrality. Enriched by an extensive biographical introduction, Butler's is the first English translation of this important work and the only version in any language to address changes made by the author between editions, including sections omitted in later versions. At long last, the English reader has access to the leading Russian thinker and diplomatist of the Imperial Russian period, one who continues to influence the development of international law.

Fedor Fedorovich Martens [1845-1909], the pre-eminent Russian international lawyer of the pre-1917 era, was Professor of International Law at St. Petersburg University, repeated candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, senior legal advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Emperor of the Russian Empire, member of the Hague Permanent Court of International Arbitration, a principal architect of the 1899 and 1907 Hague peace conferences, an important historian of diplomacy, author of major treatises on international law and the leading Russian textbook on that subject. A recipient of honorary doctorates at Continental an.

William E. Butler, Editor and Translator.

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