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Parution : 05/2021
Editeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 978-1-1088-3819-1
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The League of Nations and the Protection of the Environment

Omer Aloni

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In the history of how the law has dealt with environmental issues over the last century or so, the 1920s and 30s and the key role of the League of Nations in particular remain underexplored by scholars. By delving into the League's archives, Omer Aloni uncovers the story of how the interwar world expressed similar concerns to those of our own time in relation to nature, environmental challenges and human development, and reveals a missing link in understanding the roots of our ecological crisis. Charting the environmental regime of the League, he sheds new light on its role as a centre of surprising environmental dilemmas, initiatives, and solutions. Through a number of fascinating case studies, the hidden interests, perceptions, motivations, hopes, agendas and concerns of the League are revealed for the first time. Combining legal thought, historical archival research and environmental studies, a fascinating period in legal-environmental history is brought to life.

Omer Aloni, Bar-Ilan University, Israel



1. Fighting pollution made by humankind: the League of Nations and the endeavors of the convention against the pollution of the sea by oil
2. The League of Nations and the whaling dilemma
3. Sanitation, spreading diseases, and the environmental concerns: the League of Nations' campaign for rural hygiene
4. Raw materials, the timber crisis, and fears of deforestation during the interwar period
5. Evaluating the environmental regime of the League of Nations: comparative discussion
6. Conclusion

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