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Parution : 09/2020
Editeur : Brill
ISBN : 978-9-0044-3884-2
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Beyond Ambassadors

Consuls, Missionaries, and Spies in Premodern Diplomacy

Sous la direction de Maurits A. Ebben,  Louis Sicking

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Because of the overarching shadow of ‘the state’ in all things diplomatic, traditional diplomatic history has neglected the study of any actors in foreign relations other than state diplomats, such as ambassadors. This volume focuses on the question of how and why consuls, missionaries, and spies not formally tied to the state or a prince could play a role in premodern diplomatic relations. It highlights their multiple loyalties, their volatility, and the porous boundaries of diplomatic activity. Historical research on non-state actors – in the context of the so-called new diplomatic history – is all the more urgent as it demonstrates their undeniably significant contributions to the formation of Europe’s international relations. 

Contributors are: Maurits Ebben, Dante Fedele, Alan Marshall, Jacques Paviot, Felicia Roșu, Jean-Baptiste Santamaria, Louis Sicking, and John Watkins.




Auteurs : Maurits Ebben and Louis Sicking

Part 1 Theoretical Challenges

Rédacteurs en chef Maurits Ebben and Louis Sicking

Chapter 1 Premodern Non-State Agency: The Theoretical, Historical, and Legal Challenge

Auteur : John Watkins

Chapter 2 Plurality of Diplomatic Agents in Premodern Literature on the Ambassador

Auteur : Dante Fedele

Part 2 Consuls

Rédacteurs en chef Maurits Ebben and Louis Sicking

Chapter 3 Space, Agency, and Conflict Management in the Late Medieval Baltic: Urban Colonies and Representatives of Hanse Towns at Scania

Auteur : Louis Sicking

Chapter 4 Your High and Mighty Lordships’ Most Humble Servants: Dutch Consuls and the States General’s Diplomacy in Spain, 1648–1661

Auteur : Maurits Ebben

Part 3 Missionaries

Rédacteurs en chef Maurits Ebben and Louis Sicking

Chapter 5 The Mendicant Friars: Actors in Diplomatic Encounters with the Mongols

Auteur : Jacques Paviot

Chapter 6 The New Indies, the Desired Indies: Antonio Possevino and the Jesuits between Diplomacy and Missionarism in Northeastern Europe, 1577–1587

Auteur : Felicia Roșu

Part 4 Spies

Rédacteurs en chef Maurits Ebben and Louis Sicking

Chapter 7 Secrets, Diplomatics, and Spies in Late Medieval France and in the Burgundian State: Parallel Practices and Undercover Operations

Auteur : Jean-Baptiste Santamaria

Chapter 8 ‘Secret Wheeles’: Clandestine Information, Espionage, and European Intelligence

Auteur : Alan Marshall

Rulers & Elites , Vol. 19 , 223 pages.  99,00 €

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