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Parution : 11/2020
Editeur : Brill
ISBN : 978-9-0043-2167-0
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Caesarism and Bonapartism in Gramsci

Hegemony and the Crisis of Modernity

Francesca Antonini

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In Caesarism and Bonapartism in Gramsci, Francesca Antonini offers a fresh insight into Antonio Gramsci’s thought. Building on the achievements of recent Gramscian scholarship, she investigates his usage of the concepts of Bonapartism and Caesarism, both in his pre-prison writings and in the Prison Notebooks. The Caesarist-Bonapartist paradigm relates crucially to Gramsci’s reflections on hegemony and on its transformations across the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. While this model is essential to Gramsci’s understanding of the interwar period and of the Fascist regime in Italy, it also sheds a meaningful light on other past and present scenarios, from the French Second Empire to the USSR of his time. Finally, yet importantly, Antonini's analysis illuminates Gramsci’s approach towards the Marxian legacy.



Preface: Gramsci on Caesarism and Bonapartism
Chapter 1 The Concepts of Bonapartism and Caesarism from Marx to Gramsci
Chapter 2 The Pre-prison Writings
Chapter 3 Socialism and Romanticism
Chapter 4 Crisis and Balance: Between Revolution and Restoration
Chapter 5 Bonapartism, Caesarism and Fascism in Gramsci’s Journalistic Works
Chapter 6 Towards the Prison Notebooks
Chapter 7 The Meanings of ‘Bonapartism’
Chapter 8 Between Bonapartism and Caesarism
Chapter 9 Gramsci and the Theory of Caesarism
Chapter 10 Caesarism and Historical Analysis
Chapter 11 Hegemony and Modernity
Chapter 12 Contemporary Caesarism(s)
Chapter 13 Caesarism, Bonapartism and the ‘Return to Marx’ in the Prison Writings

Historical Materialism Book Series , Vol. 215 , 252 pages.  140,00 €

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