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Parution : 11/2020
Editeur : Hart
ISBN : 978-1-5099-3487-4
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Challenging Private Law

Lord Sumption on the Supreme Court

Sous la direction de William Day,  Sarah Worthington

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Lord Sumption has been one of the most influential judges of his generation. This book critically reflects on the important and controversial issues raised by his jurisprudence.

Using Lord Sumption's judgments and extra-judicial lectures as a starting point, the book contains a selection of essays that consider 'where next' in relation to topics such as:

- contract variation, damages and penalties;
- economic loss and personal injury in tort law; 
- knowing receipt and proprietary restitution; 
- illegality in private law; 
- agency and attribution; 
- piercing the corporate veil; 
- foreign law in the English courts. 

The book covers a broad range of areas in private law including contract, tort, unjust enrichment, equity, company and commercial law, as well as private international law and civil procedure.



1. Introduction 
Lord Sumption

2. Interpretation 
Ewan McKendrick

3. Variation and Waiver 
William Day

4. Termination 
Sir David Foxton

5. Contract Damages 
Adam Kramer

6. Penalties 
Edwin Peel

7. The Contract/Tort Borderline 
Janet O'Sullivan

8. Personal Injury 
Nicholas J McBride

9. Injunctions 
Donal Nolan

10. Unjust Enrichment 
Graham Virgo

11. Proprietary Restitution 
William Day and Sarah Worthington

12. Knowing Receipt 
Jamie Glister

13. Illegality 
Charlie Webb

14. Agency 
Peter Watts

15. Attribution 
Ernest Lim

16. Powers 
Sarah Worthington

17. Piercing the Corporate Veil 
Christian Witting

18. Good Arguable Case 
Joshua Folkard and Ian Bergson

19. Forum Conveniens 
Louise Merrett

20. Foreign Law 
Richard Fentiman

21. Res Judicata 
The Hon KR Handley QC

22. Privilege 
Bankim Thanki QC, Chloe Carpenter QC, Nik Yeo and Rebecca Loveridge

488 pages.  £90.00

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