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Parution : 11/2020
Editeur : Brill
ISBN : 978-9-0044-3830-9
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Wine Law and Policy

From National Terroirs to a Global Market

Sous la direction de Julien Chaisse,  Fernando Dias Simões,  Danny Friedmann

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This 26-chapter volume brings together leading academics and practitioners to examine how wine law and policy have gradually moved from national terroirs to a global market. It is the first holistic study of the comprehensive field of wine law which posits that the wine laws and regulations have caused an enormous imbalance between different jurisdictions, which has either resulted in the overregulation, which stifles innovation, and under-regulation, which leaves many a wine consumer clueless about what they are drinking. This book brings together legal scholarship about trade law, intellectual property rights, and health law and policy which are all relevant for the future of the wine industry.



Chapter 1 An Introduction to Wine Regulation in a Globalized Market
Prospects and Limits of Wine Governance
Auteurs : Julien Chaisse, Fernando Dias Simões, and Danny Friedmann

Part 1 The Wine Market
Past, Present and Future In a Global Economy
Rédacteurs en chef Julien Chaisse, Fernando Dias Simões, and Danny Friedmann

Chapter 2 The Rise and Fall of the World’s Largest Wine Exporter – and Its Institutional Legacy
Auteurs : Giulia Meloni and Johan Swinnen

Chapter 3 Tradition, Territory, and Terroir in French Wine
Role, Function, and Purpose of the Institut National De l’origine Et de la Qualité in the French Wine Law Model

Chapter 4 Exploring Italy’s Wine Law Reforms
Experiences, Challenges, and Prospects
Auteurs : Antonio Rossi and Duilio Cortassa

Chapter 5 “Innovative Tradition”
Austrian Wine Regulation between Past and Future
Auteurs : Iris Eisenberger and Rostam J. Neuwirth

Chapter 6 Between Wines and Spirits
Classification Challenges of Polish ‘Fruit Wine’-based Products in EU Perspective
Auteurs : Joanna Pawlikowska, Aleksander Stępkowski, and Leszek Wiwała

Chapter 7 Wine Law in Australia
Challenges of Local Identity in a Global Marketplace
Auteur : Lisa Toohey

Chapter 8 Libiam Ne’ Lieti Calici
EU and Chinese Policies in Support of Wine Production
Auteur : Flavia Marisi

Chapter 9 Wine and Liquor Laws in Canada – Trends and Regulatory Challenges
Auteur : Daniel Hohnstein

Chapter 10 The Protection of Foreign Investment in the Wine Sector
Auteurs : Laurence Ponty, Baptiste Rigaudeau, and Jean-Robin Costargent

Part 2 The Role of Intellectual Property Law in the Wine Market
Rédacteurs en chef Julien Chaisse, Fernando Dias Simões, and Danny Friedmann

Chapter 11 Grafting the Old and New World
Towards a Universal Trademark Register that Cancels Generic IGO Terms
Auteur : Danny Friedmann

Chapter 12 The Protection of Traditional Terms for Wines in the European Union and Beyond
Auteurs : Anke Moerland and Ramyaa Bhadauria

Chapter 13 The Barolo Appellation of Origin in the Global Market
Auteurs : Anisha Mistry and Luca Valente

Chapter 14 “Pure Michigan” and “Napa Valley 100%”
Is Protection of American Origin Wines as Geographic Indications on Fertile Ground?

Chapter 15 Australia Corked Its Champagne and So Should We
Enforcing Stricter Protection for Semi-Generic Wines in the United States
Auteur : Lindsey A. Zahn

Chapter 16 Integrating the Protection of Foreign Geographical Indications in Federal States
Transsystemic Study of GI Protection in Canada, the USA, and Germany
Auteur : Nicolas Charest

Chapter 17 The Protection of Vines, Grapes and Wine under Plant Variety Rights Law, with a Particular Focus on the EU
Auteur : Philippe de Jong

Chapter 18 Trade Dress Regulation and Protection Rules Applying to Wine in Turkey
Auteur : Burak Keskin

Chapter 19 Patent Search and Analysis in the Wine Industry
A Guided Tour from Vineyards to Your Table
Auteur : Luca Falciola

Part 3 Wine beyond the Market
Health Policy, Ethical and Social Issues
Rédacteurs en chef Julien Chaisse, Fernando Dias Simões, and Danny Friedmann

Chapter 20 On the Jurisprudence of Wine’s Journeys from National Terroirs to a Global Market
Places of Normativity, Mythology and Justice in London and Aotearoa/ New Zealand
Auteur : Wayne Morrison

Chapter 21 Protecting Wine Packaging as a Trademark
Why the Substantial Value Exclusion Makes the Task Unreasonably Burdensome
Auteur : Jacopo Ciani

Chapter 22 Prošek or Prosecco
Intellectual Property or Intangible Cultural Heritage?
Auteur : Steven Gallagher

Chapter 23 The Use of All Wines
A Legal Analysis for Conservative Judaism
Auteur : Elliot N. Dorff

Chapter 24 Risk Management in the Wine Supply Chain
Auteur : Diego Saluzzo

Chapter 25 The Grass is Greener on the Other Side
Biodynamic Wines and Trademarks, the Quest for Answers
Auteur : Ana Penteado

Chapter 26 In Vino Veritas
Blockchain as a Viable Solution for Combating Counterfeit Wines in China
Auteur : Jerry I-H Hsiao

807 pages.  225,00 €

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