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Parution : 11/2020
Editeur : University of Alberta Press
ISBN : 978-1-7721-2490-3
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Laws of the Constitution


Donald F. Bur

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Laws of the Constitution: Consolidated gathers all of the historical and contemporary constitutional documents pertaining to Canada, its provinces, and its territories, organized thematically and topically for ease of reference and supported by comprehensive lists and a thorough index. The volume excludes overridden and irrelevant documents, making it a comprehensive yet focused and precise reference that presents the words, ideas, and documents that have brought the constitution into being. A must for academic libraries, Bur’s compilation is an indispensable resource for lawyers and scholars in Canadian constitutional law, as well as historians, political scientists, policy makers, and anyone interested in constitution-making.

Donald F. Bur has practiced law in three provinces and holds several degrees. Throughout his extensive career, he has focused on public law issues, and in particular issues of federalism. He is the author of Law of the Constitution: The Distribution of Powers and editor of Canadian Constitutional Law: Cases, Notes and Materials (3rd ed.).

960 pages.  USD 250.00

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