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Parution : 09/2019
Editeur : Editions Le Manuscrit
ISBN : 978-2-3040-4780-6
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Uk and France: Friends or Foes?

(Trans)cultural and legal unions and disunions

Sous la direction de Géraldine Gadbin-George, Elizabeth Gibson-Morgan


At a time of major changes in the United Kingdom and to a lesser extent in France, induced by the proposed Brexit process, this collective work – composed of thirteen chapters from highly experienced academics and specialist professionals from both sides of the Channel – examines their consequences on the French and British relationship in a range of institutional, political, legal, economic, cultural but also strategic and defence-related fields with an emphasis on comparative and/or European points of view.

The two editors are respectively Associate Professors at Panthéon-Assas and Tours universities. Geraldine Gadbin-George is an English solicitor, a former avocat at the Paris bar and a former French judge. Elizabeth Gibson-Morgan is Visiting Senior Research Fellow at King’s College London in the Department of Contemporary History.




Part 1. Historical aspects of the relationship between France and the United Kingdom

Chapter 1. Lord Kenneth O. Morgan: Partnerships and Perfidy; the Entente in War and Peace 1904 – 2020

Chapter 2. Antoine Capet (Emeritus Professor, Rouen Univ.): “We are with Europe but not of it”: Churchill’s legacy in Britain’s attitude to “Europe”.

Part 2. Constitutional aspects of the relationship between France and the United Kingdom  

Chapter 3. Aurélien Antoine (Saint Etienne Univ.): Rule of Law and “État de Droit”: comparing British and French concepts of Law

Chapter 4. Andrew Blick (King’s College London): Brexit and the destabilisation of the United Kingdom constitution

Part 3. Political questions on the relationship between France and the United Kingdom:  security and defence

Chapter 5. Vice-Admiral Patrick Chevallereau: What will be the impact of Brexit on the Defence and Security of Europe?

Chapter 6. Elizabeth Sheppard Sellam (Tours Univ.): Counterterrorism and intelligence sharing in a post Brexit world?

Chapter 7. Thibaud Harrois (Sorbonne Nouvelle Univ.): Defence and Security Cooperation after Brexit: Towards a Redefinition of Franco-British Relations?

Part 4. Economic and social issues of the relationship between France and the United Kingdom

Chapter 8. Matthias Kelly (Queen’s Counsel): Is the effective enforcement of European-wide social and economic values possible after Brexit? 

Chapter 9. Hywel Ceri Jones (former Director of the European Commission’s Task Force for human resources, education, training and youth): Origins, Development and Future of the ERASMUS programme 

Chapter 10. Anémone Kober-Smith (Paris 13 Univ.): The healthcare issue during and after the In/Out EU referendum campaign of 2016

Part 5. Relationship between France and Nations with devolved powers

Chapter 11. Stéphanie Bory (Lyon 3 Univ.): Wales v France: Sports foes but political and economic friends

Chapter 12. Philippe Cauvet (Poitiers Univ.): A Democratic Critique of Referendums in France and in the United Kingdom

Chapter 13. Juliette Ringeisen-Biardeaud (Panthéon-Assas Univ.): A new alliance against an auld foe? Scottish paradiplomacy in France and in Europe

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