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Parution : 05/2019
Editeur : Hart
ISBN : 978-1-5099-2141-6
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Predictive Sentencing

Normative and Empirical Perspectives

Sous la direction de Jan W de Keijser, Julian V Roberts, Jesper Ryberg

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Predictive Sentencing addresses the role of risk assessment in contemporary sentencing practices. Predictive sentencing has become so deeply ingrained in Western criminal justice decision-making that despite early ethical discussions about selective incapacitation, it currently attracts little critique. Nor has it been subjected to a thorough normative and empirical scrutiny. This is problematic since much current policy and practice concerning risk predictions is inconsistent with mainstream theories of punishment. Moreover, predictive sentencing exacerbates discrimination and disparity in sentencing. Although structured risk assessments may have replaced 'gut feelings', and have now been systematically implemented in Western justice systems, the fundamental issues and questions that surround the use of risk assessment instruments at sentencing remain unresolved. This volume critically evaluates these issues and will be of great interest to scholars of criminal justice and criminology.



1. Introduction: Normative and Empirical Perspectives on Predictive Sentencing
Jan W de Keijser, Julian V Roberts and Jesper Ryberg

2. The Use of Risk Assessment in Sentencing
Esther FJC van Ginneken

3. Why Legal Philosophers (Including Retributivists) Should Be Less Resistant to Risk-Based Sentencing
Douglas Husak

4. Risk and Retribution: On the Possibility of Reconciling Considerations of Dangerousness and Desert
Jesper Ryberg

5. Is Preventive Detention Morally Worse than Quarantine?
Thomas Douglas

6. Against Incapacitative Punishment
Zachary Hoskins

7. A Defence of Modern Risk-Based Sentencing 7
Christopher Slobogin

8. Some Dilemmas of Indeterminate Sentences: Risk and Uncertainty, Dignity and Hope
Andrew Ashworth and Lucia Zedner

9. The Problematic Role of Prior Record Enhancements in Predictive Sentencing
Julian V Roberts and Richard S Frase

10. Unpacking Sentencing Algorithms: Risk, Racial Accountability and Data Harms
Kelly Hannah-Moff at and Kelly Struthers Montford

11. The Scientific Validity of Current Approaches to Violence and Criminal Risk Assessment
Seena Fazel

12. Risk Assessment at Sentencing: The Pennsylvania Experience
Rhys Hester

13. Predictive Sentencing: An Analysis of Public Views
Jan W de Keijser and Sigrid GC van Wingerden

14. Sentencing and Prediction: Old Wine in Old Bottles
Michael Tonry

320 pages.  £70.00

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