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« Look, Ultimately I Win, Right ? »

Conférence et cycle

« Look, Ultimately I Win, Right ? »

Trump and Beyond



Moderator : Jennifer Merchant


10.00 : Trump and the Middle East : Business as usual ?
Rachid Chaker

10.25 : Trump and Europe : Strong Words and Little Action
Martin Quencez

10.50 : Questions and coffee break

11.15 : Trump and Minorities : A Hopeless Move ?
Simon Grivet

11.40 : Black and Blue : The Virginiasation of Georgia
Lauric Henneton

12.00 : Questions


12.30 : Lunch break


14.00 : The Trap of Impunity
Anne Deysine

14h25 : The Ceremony of Innocence Is Drowned : Trump, the Courts, and the National Security State
Phil Hostak

14.50 : Questions and coffee break

15.20 : “In Search of Monsters to Destroy ?” : Deconstructing Donald Trump's Disruptive Rhetoric of the Enemy Within
Jérôme Viala-Gaudefroy

15.40 : “Most Pro-Life President. Ever” : Access to Abortion and Social, Racial, Political and Geographical Challenges under Trump
Yvonne-Marie Rogez

16.00 : The State of the Church : Religion and Politics in the Post Trump-Era
Michael Stambolis-Ruhstorfer

16.20 : Questions

17.00 : End of conference



Online conference hosted by The Nyu Paris Center

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