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Parution : 02/2022
Editeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 978-1-1084-2709-8
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Constitutionalism in Context

Sous la direction de David S. Law

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With its emphasis on emerging and cutting-edge debates in the study of comparative constitutional law and politics, its suitability for both research and teaching use, and its distinguished and diverse cast of contributors, this handbook is a must-have for scholars and instructors alike. This versatile volume combines the depth and rigor of a scholarly reference work with features for teaching in law and social science courses. Its interdisciplinary case-study approach provides political and historical as well as legal context: each modular chapter offers an overview of a topic and a jurisdiction, followed by a case study that simultaneously contextualizes both. Its forward-looking and highly diverse selection of topics and jurisdictions fills gaps in the literature on the Global South as well as the West. A timely section on challenges to liberal constitutional democracy addresses pressing concerns about democratic backsliding and illiberal and/or authoritarian regimes.

Contributors : David S. Law, Tom Ginsburg, Ran Hirschl, Albert H. Y. Chen, Clark B. Lombardi and Shamshad Pasarlay, Mara Malagodi, Yaniv Roznai, Markus Böckenförde, Hsiang-Yang Hsieh, Maartje de Visser, Elaine Mak, Julieta Rossi, Daniel M. Brinks, Lynette J. Chua, Matthew S. R. Palmer, Achilles Emilianides, Christos Papastylianos, Adilson José Moreira, Cora Chan, Simon Butt, Mark Tushnet, Mirjam Künkler, Ozan O. Varol, David Landau, Victor V. Ramraj, Thitinant Tengaumnuay 


Comparative Constitutional Law and Policy , 640 pages.  £135.00


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