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Parution : 12/2019
Editeur : Routledge
ISBN : 978-0-3672-0006-0
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People’s Tribunals, Human Rights and the Law 

Searching for Justice

Sous la direction de Regina Menachery Paulose

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People’s Tribunals are independent, peaceful, grassroots movements, created by members of civil society, to address impunity that is associated with ongoing or past atrocities. As such, they offer society an alternative history and create a space for healing and reconciliation to take place that may otherwise be stifled by political agendas and legal technicalities. Since the 1960’s, People’s Tribunals have grown and developed to address many kinds of situations, from genocide to environmental degradation.

This book presents a balance of academic and practitioner perspectives on People’s Tribunals. It explores key questions relating to their formation and roles and discusses what they can offer to victims and survivors. The volume provides an introduction to the subject, theoretically informed discussion reflecting different perspectives, and a range of contributions focusing on different types of People’s Tribunals and various aspects of their operation. The authors analyse advantages and disadvantages of these movements in a variety of contexts. The impact and contribution they have in the international criminal law and international human rights context is also discussed.

The book will be welcomed by those interested in international criminal law, human rights, environmental justice, transitional justice and international relations.

Regina Menachery Paulose is a US based international criminal law attorney. She obtained her JD from Seattle University School of Law and her LLM in International Crime and Justice from the University of Turin/UNICRI. She was the Chair of the Steering Committee on the UK Child Sex Abuse People’s Tribunal and was a panel member on the China Tribunal.




1 Can you hear the people sing? Victim/survivor rights in People’s Tribunals, Regina Menachery Paulose

2 Political will and the people's will: the role of People's Tribunals in international justice, Benjamin Duerr

3 People’s Tribunals and truth commissions, Ronald Rogo

4 Panem et circences? Peoples’ Tribunals from a TWAIL perspective, Thamil Venthan Ananthavinayagan

5 The right to tell: the Sarajevo Women Court in search for a feminist approach to justice, Nevenka Tromp

6 The Iran Tribunal: an international People's Tribunal for the promotion of truth and justice, Geoffrey Nice, Hamid Sabi, Shokoufeh Sakhi and Roya Ghisai

7 The role of the PPT in securing the rights of Rohingya and other minorities in Myanmar, Azril Mohd Amin

8 People’s Tribunals, law and ecological justice: the Australian contribution, Binoy Kampmark

9 People’s Tribunals and how they examine childhood sexual abuse, Alan Collins

10 The China Tribunal, David Matas and Susie Hughes

11 Transitional justice delayed is not transitional justice denied: contemporary confrontation of Japanese human experimentation during World War II through a People’s Tribunal, Zachary D. Kaufman

12 From painkillers to cures: challenges and future of People's Tribunals, Shadi Sadr

216 pages.  £120.00

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