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Parution : 02/2019
Editeur : Hart
ISBN : 978-1-5099-2748-7
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Metaphilosophy of Law

Sous la direction de Pawel Banas, Adam Dyrda, Tomasz Gizbert-Studnicki

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Methodological and metaphilosophical disputes in the contemporary philosophy of law are very vivid. Basic issues remain controversial. The purpose of the book is to confront approaches of Anglo-Saxon and continental philosophy of law to the following topics: the purpose of legal philosophy, the role of disagreement in legal philosophy, methodology of legal philosophy (conceptual analysis) and normativity of law. We see those areas of legal metaphilosophy as drawing recently more and more attention in the literature. The authors of particular chapters are internationally recognised scholars rooted in various traditions: Anglo-Saxon (Gerald Postema, Dennis Patterson, Kenneth Ehrenberg, Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco); Southern-European (Riccardo Guastini, Manuel Atienza); Nordic (Torben Spaak); German (Ralf Poscher); and Central-European (Jan Wolenski, Tomasz Gizbert-Studnicki, Adam Dyrda). They represent different approaches and different backgrounds. The purpose of the volume is to contribute to the cross-cultural discussions of fundamental issues of philosophy of law.



The Philosophy of Legal Philosophy: An Introduction
Pawel Banas

Part I: Status of Legal Philosophy

1. Jurisprudence, the Sociable Science
Gerald J Postema

2. The Two Faces of Analytic Legal Philosophy
Riccardo Guastini

3. Can We Please Stop Doing This? By the Way, Postema was Right
Dennis Patterson

Part II: Legal Philosophy and Metaphysics

4. Naturalism and Legal Philosophy
Jan Wolenski

5. The Canberra Plan and the Nature of Law
Torben Spaak

6. The Social Sources Thesis, Metaphysics and Metaphilosophy
Tomasz Gizbert-Studnicki

7. Ontology and Reason Giving in Law
Kenneth M Ehrenberg

Part III: Particular Problems of Legal Philosophy

8. The Philosophy of Law as a 'Regional' Philosophy
Manuel Atienza

9. Re-examining Deep Conventions: Practical Reason and Forward-Looking Agency
Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco

Part IV: Theoretical Disagreement in Legal Philosophy

10. Why We Argue About the Law: An Agonistic Account of Legal Disagreement
Ralf Poscher

11. The Epistemology of Theoretical Disagreement
Adam Dyrda

272 pages.  £32.99

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