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Parution : 02/2019
Editeur : Edinburgh UP
ISBN : 978-1-4744-4922-9
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Philosophy, Rights and Natural Law

Essays in Honour of Knud Haakonssen

Sous la direction de Ian Hunter, Richard Whatmore

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Over his long and illustrious career, Knud Haakonssen has explored the role of natural law in formulating doctrines of obligation and rights in accordance with the interests of early modern polities and churches. A hallmark of his approach has been to show how natural law in early modern Europe was not a unified doctrine, but a field of crosscutting idioms that prosecuted competing political and juridical programmes.

The essays collected in this volume range across this exciting and contested field. These studies acknowledge Haakonssen's immense academic achievement and give us new insights into the cultural and political role of law and rights in a variety of historical contexts and circumstances.

Key Features

  • Crosses national, disciplinary, intellectual and ideological borders

  • Deals with a wide range of contexts and aspects over a chronological period from the Reformation to the aftermath of the French Revolution

  • Covers an unusually wide range of questions at the intersection between natural law, religion and politics

  • Contributors include Maria Rosa Antognazza, James Harris, Simone Zurbuchen and John Cairns



Part I: Rights, Religion and Morality

1. Calvinists, Arminians, Socinians: Popular Sovereignty and Natural Rights in Early Modern Political Thought
James Moore

2. Truth and Toleration in the Early Modern Period
Maria Rosa Antognazza

3. The History of the History of Ethics and Emblematic Passages
Aaron Garrett

4. Natural law and Natural Rights in Early Enlightenment Copenhagen
Mads Jensen

Part II: Natural Law and the Philosophers

5. Natural Equality and Natural Law in Locke’s Two Treatises
Kari Saastamoinen

6. Dignity and Equality in Pufendorf’s Natural Law Theory
Simone Zurbuchen

7. Theory and Practice in the Natural Law of Christian Thomasius
Ian Hunter

8. The 'iura connata' in the Natural Law of Christian Wolff
Frank Grunert

9. Hume’s Peculiar Definition of Justice
James A. Harris

Part III: Rights and Reform

10. Economising Natural Law: Pufendorf on Moral Quantities and Sumptuary Legislation
Michael Seidler

11. The Legacy of Smith’s Jurisprudence in Late-Eighteenth-Century Edinburgh
John W. Cairns

12. Declaring Rights: Bentham and the Rights of Man
David Lieberman

13. Rights After the Revolutions
Richard Whatmore


384 pages.  £85.00

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