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Parution : 11/2016
Editeur : Edward Elgar
ISBN : 978-1-7819-5318-1
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International Law and Migration

Édité par Vincent Chetail

Coll. International Law, 1320 pages

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This collection takes stock of the important legal scholarship devoted to the multifaceted impact of international law on migration. It highlights the great diversity of the legal literature and provides a representative and didactic mapping of the key issues and rules at stake. The selected papers explore the core notions of movement, sovereignty and globalization. They also examine the complex and conflicting issues raised by alienage, citizenship and the rule of law as well as the main controversies surrounding the legal protection of migrant workers and refugees in contemporary international law.

The original introduction by the editor illuminates these important issues on this highly relevant topic.

Vincent Chetail, Professor of Public International Law and Director, Global Migration Centre, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Switzerland

Contributors include : A.T. Alienikoff, J. Bhabha, L.S. Bosniak, B.S. Chimni, G.S. Goodwin-Gill, J.C. Hathaway, S.S. Juss, J.A.R. Nafziger, P.J. Spiro, D. Weissbrodt.




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