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Environmental sustainability and “the European green deal” : values, innovation and regulation


Environmental sustainability and “the European green deal” : values, innovation and regulation



As a response to Climate and environmental-related challenges, on 11 December 2019 the EU Commission released “The European Green Deal”, representing an integral part of the EU Commission’s strategy to implement the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda and the sustainable development goals. It is a new growth strategy that aims to transform the EU into a fair and prosperous society, with a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy where there are no net emissions of greenhouse gases in 2050 and where economic growth is decoupled from resource use, improving the quality of life of current and future generations. Against such background, this conference aims to critically assess and rethink, in an interdisciplinary policy-oriented perspective :
•values and current policies for environmental sustainability
•management of waste and circular economy
•legal instruments forenhancing environmental sustainability.


The Environmental Law SIG aims at bringing together experts from Europe and beyond, reshaping existing legal instruments and creating new ones so as to achieve environmental sustainability and a circular economy thus making Europe a standard setter in this field. For this purpose, the SIG aims to implement new strategies for regulation and standardisation, enhancing dialogue with social partners and international cooperation. The SIG would rethink in particular:(a) green production and sales law ; (b) circular and sharing economy and waste law ; (c) enhancing smart mobility ; (d) digital transformation as enabler of environmental sustainability ; (e) net-zero-emission strategies ; (f) policies for clean energy supply ; (g) rules on large-scale infrastructure and construction ; (h) protecting and supporting biodiversity ; (i) taxation and social benefits ; (j) green finance and investment. In particular, the SIG aims at addressing and enhancing the synergy between the green and the digital transformation, by exploring measures to ensure that digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, cloud and edge computing and the internet of things can accelerate and maximise the impact of policies to deal with climate change and protect the environment.




Thursday, 12 November 2020


15:30 : Welcome addresses
Laura Ramaciotti, University of Ferrara, Dean of the Department of Economics and Management
Christiane Wendehorst, University of Vienna, President of the European Law Institute

15:45 : Scope and Aims of the Conference
Massimiliano Mazzanti, University of Ferrara, CERCIS Director
Alberto De Franceschi, University of Ferrara


I. Policies for a Sustainable Environment : The EU Green Dealand The Global Challenge

Chair : Chris Backes, University of Utrecht


16:00 : The European Green Deal – A further Step for Circular Economy in the context of Sustainable Development
Hugo-Maria Schally, European Commission, Head of Unit on “Multilateral Environmental Cooperation” -Directorate General for the Environment, Brussels

Public Problems and the Instrument Choice Debate : Lessons for the Green New Deal
William Boyd, University of California, Institute of Environment and Sustainability

16:40 : Discussion


II. New Challenges for Sustainable Environment : An Economic Perspective

Chair : Raimund Bleischwitz, University College, London


17:00 : Globalisation and Sustainable Development
Fernando Diaz Lopez, Stellenbosch University

Economic Policy for the Circular Economy transition in the EU
Alessio D’Amato, University of Rome Tor Vergata

Eco-Innovation for the Circular Economy : Evidence from the Italian Manufacturing
Massimiliano Mazzanti, University of Ferrara

Economics of Waste Prevention
Henning Wilts, Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, Wuppertal

18:20 : Discussion

18:40 : Interim Conclusions


Friday, 13 November 2020


III. Legal Instruments for Enhancing Environmental Sustainability

Chair : Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz, University of Helsinki and European University Institute


9:00 : The Concept of Sustainability and the Protection of the Environment between Private Law and Public Law
Barbara Pozzo, University of Insubria

Waste : a New Property ?
Giorgio Resta, University of Roma Tre

Towards Environmental-Friendly Guarantees in the Sale of Goods
Fryderyk Zoll, University of Krakow and University of Osnabrück

Sustainability and Servitization : The Challenges
Evelyne Terryn, Catholic University of Leuven

10:00 : Discussion


IV. Legal Instruments for Enhancing Environmental Sustainability

Chair : Mateja Durovic, King’s College London


10:30 : Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence and legal subjectivity
Enrico Caterini, University of Calabria

Corporate Environmental Responsibility
Peter Jung, University of Basel

Tax Law enhancing Green Consumption and Business Behavior
Georges Cavalier, University Lyon III

11:30 : Discussion


V. Inaugural Meeting of the European Law Institute’s Environmental Law Group : The Research Clusters


12:00 : (a) green production and sales law
(b) circular and sharing economy and waste law
(c) enhancing smart mobility
(d) digital transformation as enabler of environmental sustainability
(e) net-zero-emission strategies
(f) policies for clean energy supply
(g) rules on large-scale infrastructure and construction
(h) protecting and supporting biodiversity
(i) taxation and social benefits
(j) green finance and investment


13:00 : Concluding Remarks



Conference link : https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/880204365
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