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First International Workshop in Law & Economics


The Centre of Legal Research of Grenoble (Université Grenoble Alpes), and the Grenoble Applied Economics Lab (Université Grenoble Alpes, INRA, CNRS and Grenoble INP) will jointly organize the First International Workshop in Law & Economics, 13th-14th June, 2019.

The aim of this workshop is to provide an international and a pluri-disciplinary forum where lawyers and economists can present and discuss high-quality research on a regular basis in Grenoble. This first conference will focus on Open Innovation.

For this first session, topics of interest include:

  • Open source licenses
  • Patent clearinghouses
  • Inclusive patents
  • Intellectual property rights on Digital Goods
  • Intellectual property rights on plants
  • Intellectual property rights and incentives to innovate




13th June, 2019


Part 1 - IPR and incentives to innovate

9h30 : Opening Address
Pr Alexis Garapin, Director of the Grenoble Faculty of Economics
Dr Olivier Bonroy
Dr Fabien Girard


9:50 : Session 1

Chair : Olivier Bonroy

Dynamic competition and intellectual property rights in a model of product development
Etienne Billette de Villemeur
Richard Ruble
Bruno Versaevel

Patent Aggregation Definitions and Taxonomy of its Activities Useful for Competition Law
Niccolò Galli

10:50 : Tea-Coffee Break

11:20 : Keynote Address
Pr Paul Belleflamme, CORE, UCLouvain


12:20 : Lunch Break


Part 2 - Licensing and incentives to innovate


2:00 PM : Session 2

Chair : Stephane Lemarie

Does licensing promote innovation ?
Stefano Colombo

Patent Clearinghouse and Knowledge Sharing : The Role of Arbitration
Emanuele Bacchiega
Olivier Bonroy
Adrien Hervouet


Part 3 - Open innovation practices


3:00 PM : Session 3

Chair : Adrien Hervouet

Why are some online courses more open than others ?
Julien Jacqmin

The Institutional Change of the Scientific Publishing Industry : A New Tragedy of the Commons ?
Bechis Jaele

4:00 PM : Coffee-Tea Break


4:20 PM : Session 4

Chair : Pascal Toquebeuf

Patent Pledge and Access to Knowledge : The Case of Tesla Motors
Nikola Ilić

Joining Standards Organizations : The Role of R&D Expenditures, Patents, and the Product-Market Position
Justus Baron et al.

The Contribution of the Value Co-Creation in Open Innovation within Algerian Startups
Souraya Ismail


5:30 PM : Roundtable 1

Chair : Michel Trommetter

With : Christian Huyghe
Johannes Kotschi
and Geertrui Van Overwalle

6:15 PM : End



14th June, 2019


Part 4 - Innovation in plant breeding and agricultural research


9:30 : Session 5

Chair : Esther Van Zimmeren

The economics of royalty rates in plant breeding
Richard Gray
Adrien Hervouet
Stéphane Lemarié

Digital Sequence Information and Genetic Material
Marie Borges

10:30 : Tea-Coffee Break

11:00 : Keynote Address
Pr Geertrui Van Overwalle, CiTiP, K.U. Leuven


12:00 : Lunch Break


1:30 PM : Session 6

Chair : Fabien Girard

Open innovation and the selective nature of knowledge networks within peasant seed communities. A French case study
Armelle Mazé
Aida Calabuig Domenech
Isabelle Goldringer

Materializing what makes sense : ‘bona fides’, commons and the open licensing of seeds
Eric Deibel
Talya Sans Ucaryilmaz


2 :30 PM : Roundtable 2

Chair : Julien Penin

With : Paul Belleflamme
Esther van Zimmeren
and Patrick Waelbroeck

3:00 PM : End



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